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  1. I was locked up for six months for back child support, and this was my 1st time ever being in any kind of trouble. At first, they made me a trustee, and I followed every rule. one day, I was emptying trash cans, and a lady was watching an” interview” on tv as it was happening. I asked an officer if I should wait to vacuum, and he said yes, so I took the trash to the dumpster when several officers came walking my way and asked, “where is it. “I didn’t know what they were talking about. And again, where is it? We know you took it. It just so happens that the lady watching the interview had lost her cell phone, and I must have taken it. I was searched, and they called the number, and nothing. It turns out the phone was in her car, and I went back to work. The next day a guard said I was caught smoking and I was no longer a trustee. Once I was put into the population, it was great except for the amount of food you get. Each day I took meds twice, and one day, the pill didn’t look the same, so I questioned the nurse. She said just take it, and I did, but the next day the pill was back to normal for several days but once again, a different pill was given to me, so I hid it, so when I got out, I wanted to know what they were giving me. About a month went by, and they found the pill; and I told the sergeant the story behind it, and he and I made an agreement that we would let it go. Soon after that, I was getting no meds at all. I can’t miss my meds for over a day, or I don’t act normal. I was on about day 4 with no meds, and I finally threatened the jail staff that I would tell the trustees that replaced me that they were cleaning out the evidence room and found crystal meth. The guys had already been caught and blood tested, and all three were in trouble, but nobody on the outside knew, and I was going to expose the jail. Well, they finally put me in isolation and gave me my meds, and I never got to even go outside of isolation once. 24/7. I didn’t mention that we had all been moved to a new tank when I was in the general population, and there was black mold on the walls in the shower area. I.asked for a rubber glove to clean it, and the guard told me to just clean it. I said I was not about to touch the mold. Then he tried to force me to do it as all 13 other inmates looked on, and I said no again. The guard took all 13 outside, and three guards came into the tank with only me and them. They told me I would clean it, and I told them that forced labor was very illegal, and I wanted to make a call. They pulled me up front to the chapel and held a mickey mouse court and told me it was like a small court and I was being recorded. About 6-7 people were in the room, and I said I would never do any kind of labor for the jail, and if they tried to force me, then I would bring a lawsuit against the jail. Once I was in isolation, things were very nice, but I didn’t have a tv, just a shower. Bed, toilet, and I weren’t given a mop but once a week. The guards at this jail are worse than the inmates. They try very hard to get you into trouble so you can get time added on. NOT ALL GUARDS. Sergent Trent was very nice as well as Jesse and Lisa. They are an asset to the jail. All in all, I would give this jail a “D” if I had to grade it, but I had never been in jail before, so I have nothing to compare it to. God forbid you to try to do the right thing in jail because they will look. For a way to get you. As I look back, I am a much worse person than I was going in. I never did mind cops, but now I look at them as the enemy. There ya go. My story.

  2. I believe you the jail is not run very well my son is there now thanks have come up missing from his property like when I mail him a letter with phone numbers for his friends to call I mailed it he never received it I also started sending magazines to him I guess they don’t understand when you send one from the internet it is tracked it showed it had been delivered the day before when I confronted them they said there must be a mistake they could not find it and I already been told that it was on the jailers desk they argued and argued for almost 30 minutes on the phone till I explain to them they have a tracking number and it showed a delivery then magically they found the magazine…. since my son arrest he has started taking blood pressure medication I left a message over a month ago for the nurse to call as a parent I was concerned about what he was taking and wanted to pay for it but got no answer from anyone…. they have one employee who was caught stealing food from the jail kitchen he is still a jailer there are a few people there who care but not enough….. I have filed a complaint about the conditions at the jail with the proper authorities they will be investigating…. if you have someone who’s incarcerated there, you need to keep in close contact and find out how they’re treated. They are still supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and have rights. We cannot let people abuse these rights.

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