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  1. Any one you ends up in jail should understand that that is where they were heading in the first place. The choices made are the choices you must accept and man up. The Jailers and people who work at the Jail had a tough job dealing with so many different individuals i.e. drug addicts; rebellious individuals and individuals who just think that they are above the law. I have been to the jail because we have an individual in our family who insist on breaking the law and stealing even from their own family because they don’t want to work. We are all human and thus dealing with so much eventually makes you feel like there is no other avenue but to develop an attitude that help you survive inside those jail walls with those individuals. Sorry but I do have praise and thanks for those employees who work in this environment. I hope you keep doing a great job and thank you for being there for our community residents who just don’t want to learn from their mistakes.

  2. This is by far the worst jail I’ve ever been to! At 3 in the morning, 11, then around 5. The glorified babysitters are lazy as fuck, rude, and extremely unhelpful and disrespectful. There are a couple who are nice and willing to help you. It is dirty, cold, ans nasty. Full of hoodrats, and ladies if you are on heroin, methadone, pain killers, or any kind of opiates, you’re in for a rude awakening. They give you nothing to help you taper off the drugs. You never know anything about your case, when you go to court, no motion of discovery. You have to sit there for at least THREE WEEKS, before you can go for a bond reduction hearing or p.r, bond. It fucking sucks. If you can, avoid it by any means, except being a snitch.

  3. Posted bail at 10am and its 330 pm and still not released just because they work 12hr shifts doesn’t mean the offenders should have to Waite to get processed the officers aren’t that busy its the same routine everyday. Where the higher ups shouldn’t they be checking on their workers since they pass the bucket around and slowly get the work done

  4. The jail is Violating the legal rights of inmates by not affording them to get to the law library to legally research there cases or allow the right to attorney phone calls for one. The mail is not being delivered ins timely manner, the phone system GTI is not vey dependable for communication with family members nor is this service affordable either. Inmates are not being afforded the right to having there grievances heard or acted upon. There attitudes aren’t bad since the shooting of the prisoner Saenz whom was shoot by the El Paso police officer

  5. I absolutely agree took my fiance almost three weeks from the day he got there to receive even one letter but when he did he got them all at once. I sent a card which I had called and asked about they said yes I could send one. Then I get it back ripped in half. They could of just returned it. 2500 calories which consists of 2 meals of Bolognese sandwich chips and a piece of cake. And the officers are a joke they don’t know what they are talking about half the time none of them are on the same page and they won’t transfer you to who u ask for until u answer their 100 questions and even then they don’t. The el Paso county jail annex is a joke.

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