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  1. This is the most disgusting jail. When it rains, the walls sweat and there is mildew growing everywhere. The drainage system backs up which causes gnats to fly all over the place. The inmates don’t get their medications regularly, even if they are diabetics. This place really needs to be inspected. I cannot understand how this place is even allowed to house anyone.

  2. My son’s father has been arrested in Johnson County, taken to jail because they said he had a warrant. When I spoke with the bail bonds person, I was told this is a new case. He tells me he had no drugs on him and is unsure of his fate. He tells me it’s worse than Tarrant County jails and he is extremely stressed. I have been waiting to see when he will be entered into the automated system so I can find out more information, but it’s been at least 3 days. Prayers.

  3. Johnson county as well as parker county need to stop harrassment on people. Cleburne has taken my loved one to jail and then wont tell her where her vehicle is so they can make more money by the daily charges, thats not even a big example. Anyone who has been harassed by either of these police agencies need to come forward and report them so it stops!

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