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  1. No jail is fun but Irving, Tx jail has some of the worst correction officers and if it was legal I’d tie chains to their ankles and drop them in the ocean that goes for most of the so called peace officers as well. They all act like their above the law. The only reason people are nice to them is so they can leave the jail as soon as possible not because they did their job right. People who get arrested for silly offenses get treated worse than the murders, so I say F*&^ the Police.

  2. I agree because my son is in there now and he say the day time. Guards were nice, but the night time guards are a bunch of crap especially this one Black Women and we are Black. He said this woman she is TOO TOO RUDE AS THEY GET WITH NO RESPECT AT ALL!! You come in there for traffic tickets they treat you like you have murdered some one and then he said they will keep you isolated!! FOR WHAT!! WHAT IS ALL OF THAT FOR!

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