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  1. This jail is disgusting! The people working in this facility are worthless! How many people have to die in such a small overflow jail for someone to shut this place down. They just let a 33 year old man die 2 months ago! And claim it was of natural causes. Where did I ever hear about this on the news? Never! I had a family member who was in this Jail and heard stories as a kid. Starting with the boot camp! They sure did shut that corrupt crap down when a guy died because negligence and abuse. Back to the current situation, This place has constant streams of toilet water running through the cell. Been that way for 20 years. So called criminals are left in a cell and never attended to again. It’s unsanitary and filthy beyond words. How many people have died in the past two years? Look it up it’s appalling.

  2. This jail is stupid how can you be quick to take our money with a snap of a finger but take for ever to give it to a inmate.. I put money on my fiance books on the 23rd an now its 28th an he still doesn’t have it understandable the holidays but damn. I Checked with the company who does they money kiosk an they tell me there gonna send a email. So you think sending them a email a get the job done? when they don’t even answer the phones, it’s like y’all trying to starve them… When all they families are trying to do is make sure if any thing they eat.

  3. All These law enforcement numbskulls have serious mental problems and should be removed from there position immediately they constantly abuse the general public and everyone they come in contact with and then they are called Heros it’s a travesty of justice and hard working patriotic Americans whose forefathers fought and died for this country are treated like dogs and even worse

  4. I was in Mansfield for two days on bogus charges that were later dropped. The cop who arrested me laughed at me and made sure the cuffs were so tight that I ended up bruised. At one point, I was crying. He told me I shouldn’t have been a criminal and that I needed to shut the hell up or he would make me shut up.

    At the jail, I was thrown into a filthy cell with no toilet paper. When I asked for some, I was ignored… and I asked several times. I have high blood pressure, severe depression, PTSD, and severe anxiety; my husband brought my meds to the jail but they refused to give them to me. (They also did not give them back to me when I was released, saying they didn’t have anything and didn’t know I was supposed to take any meds.) When my husband called to speak with a supervisor about the state of the cell I was in, he told them there were feces smeared on the walls and floor, and that no one would listen to me or come in and clean the cell. The reply he got was, “She shouldn’t’a put sh!t on the walls, we ain’t cleaning up after her.” He told them that the cell was in that condition when I arrived and they called him a liar.

    A few months later, my son ended up in the same jail. When my husband and I went to visit, we were treated like criminals ourselves, and the woman at the desk was extremely rude. She told my husband to leave because she “didn’t like” him, and refused to allow him to see our son. She also said she would have us both arrested if we complained.

    Turns out that there is no one to complain to. Mansfield Jail is not overseen by any entity except itself. It is corporate-run, completely for profit. Maybe this explains why the food they serve is half rotten (I got a moldy sandwich when I was in, and all the milk was warm and sour) and why they won’t buy toilet paper for inmates.

  5. I was trying to enquire information about an inmate and the lady in the bonds department was very rude and unpleasant. She kept giving me an attitude ane i was being nice and polite, i did ask questions in regards to the bond process and that seamed to bother her but isn’t. That why she is there? If this is hoq she treated me it makes me question how inmates get treated. Very. Unpleasant experience, i know you have a tough job but still you are dealing with people and they should be treated with respect if she does not like her job she needs to quit & find something else.

  6. I had the honor of being an inmate and may again be one after my trial. Inside the jail it’s filthy, gnats fly around the cells, guards are complete assholes and have no regards for the inmates. I watched one sit on her phone for literally hours. I asked for a blanket as the clean ones we’re on a cart in front of my cell. They just said fuck you. And I waited 9 hours before getting one.

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