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  1. My son was arrested for an MIC (minor in consumption of alcohol) I called the jail to see what the exact charge was and how much and was told he wasn’t in there. I spelled both of his last names out and was still told he wasn’t in there when obviously he was there. They either need a different system set up or whoever is answering the phone isn’t doing their job properly. This is a head ache for families.

  2. Officer Castro refused to give my son a message. I was not allowed to see my son for 30 plus hours. This was my son’s first offence and he was very anxious. Obviously as a parent I was anxious also. When I asked him please to deliver a message to my son, he informed me “that is not how it is going to work.” I guess the stress of law enforcement is so great, there is no room for compassion or consideration for families that have never been through this. We contacted an attorney who indicated my son had gone too long without arraignment. Locked up, frightened, and not allowed messages from the outside. The experience is difficult enough without officers making it harder. It is not right to refuse families to check in and verify health and safety of their family member.

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