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  1. I was so disappointed in this system ! What a joke this sherif dept is. Maybe not the people but the system does not work. I have a son that is being detained and was locked up on Friday a week ago it took until Monday to get him out of the booking stage then I went in on Monday and deposited some money on his account and take him some solution for his contacts and his glasses they would not take his case for his contacts because they said that the inmates have to purchase these items through the jail even though they were new but took his solution and glasses. I have yet to be able to video with him. But arrested on Friday and not until Thursday did they allow him to have his solution and glasses. He has requested some clean clothes and that had been denied as well it has been a week with his contacts in and no clean clothes and not even an option to purchase because they do not allow this but once a week and have not allowed him to purchase because they only come around on Mondays and he was still considered still in booking until late Monday.

  2. My son has also been in midland county jail, although ppl working at the jail are rude, especially the lady that initially answered the phone. Took me an hour to get to a supervisor, and of course, he was no help but to direct me to the supervisor of visitation and back to the rude lady who then informed me there was no such thing as a visitation supervisor about an hour or so later I finally got so pissed I hung up. Decided I was going straight to the top man Sheriff Gary Painter (whom we all know has been the sheriff for decades), and to my surprise, I was immediately put through to him and told him my story. He took my number and said he’d call me right back, and HE DID (thank u ). Within a few minutes, all my questions were answered by him. I really think he needs to weed out some of the employees at the jail as they obviously don’t know how to do their jobs or just, in my opinion, flatly don’t give an s*(&!!! Inmates are human beings, too, and the majority of them there, like my son, have not been convicted of anything, and then to b talked to and treated like u are an inmate is very disturbing to me. I am a concerned mother, and those employees, I guess they, have no children, or if they do, they don’t give an s*&* God forbid one of their children to go to jail. All I can say is karma is a band one day; she will bite your ** wish I could b a fly on the wall when she does, and once again, Sheriff Painter, thank u for doing ur job very nice, concerned, and respectable to me. So my advice is u don’t get the answers u need, when u call the jail, call the man himself; he will get it taken care of.

  3. My son Scotty was put in jail in Odessa due to 3 girls went to fight another girl in midland. I told him not to go several x, but girls pursued him to go videotape the fight. I guess cops got called, and the swat team even went. He got put in jail for burglary of habitation to assault a kid; he never went inside the house cause the girl who was supposed to get beat up called me. I didn’t know how she got my number when I questioned her. She said only girls went inside the house; she didn’t even know Scotty it is very sad that these kids don’t listen to their parents; if only he would have listened to me.

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