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  1. I was arrested in the spring of 2014 and spent four days in this facility. I was charged and later convicted of felony evading. The officer was pulling me over for speeding on a motorcycle, and I continued driving for 3 minutes before pulling over. My bond was $50k; my attorney cost was $2k. I had spent $7k before I even went to court. The worst part of this facility is the staff. Like most jails, they are rude, disrespectful, and not caring assholes. Even though most inmates at this facility have only been accused of a crime and have not even been proven guilty in court, the staff here treats everyone as if they are subhuman waste, lower than animals. The unit is divided into large two-story sections. Half of each section is an open common area with stainless tables and chairs, a single phone on the wall, and one tv on the wall. There is one enclosed bathroom on each of the two levels. The other half of the section is divided into approximately 20 cells, ten on each level. Each cell houses two inmates. There are no windows, no clocks, and no trips outside. Three meals per day are served. Breakfast consists of a honeybun or similar pastry and a container of premixed Gatorade. Lunch and dinner both consist of a convenience store-style ham, an cheese sandwich in plastic packaging, and more Gatorade. The tv is turned on for about an hour during meals. The lights are left on around the clock, and inmates are required to stay outside their cells in the common area during daytime hours. The facility is fairly clean except for the bathrooms, which appear to not have been cleaned in months. Inmates are required to shower every other day, and clean clothing is provided at that time as well. Don’t expect any assistance or help with anything. Don’t expect them to make any effort at all on your behalf. Even after the bond is posted, it could still take numerous hours for them to release you. I only pray that everyone there is someday treated the way they treat others.

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