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  1. Guards have little control over Ines inside a pod. People are always getting beat up by taking advantage. They need to keep up on supervision. Bullying is always happening. I know all this because I was a valluco gang longer am for that reason. You make a little mistake, you get a discipline which they call, and it is a I hate that jail; it’s stupid how the guards know what goes in and don’t do anything. They still get high smoke cigarettes and tattoos. And nobody says anything. Please, that jail. Needs to get more surveillance cameras in all the rooms, showers put curtains for privacy. People get hurt all the time, and people get bullied every day by the gang members who want to run this is stupid they can shiv it up; there’s all I care….

  2. I am a white male from Baltimore, Maryland, and caught some charges in the Valley. I was sent to Carrizales-Rucker, West 4. Honestly, I felt like it was one of the cleanest jails I had been to, and I have been locked up all over the country. Yeah, of course there is violence, and all that, but thats only if your a punk or do something stupid. I was only there like 3 months before being transferred to Willacy County, and I would have much rather stayed in Brownsville. I think its better that the inmates run the jail, all guards do is get in the way and try to enforce rules they themselves dont have to follow.

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