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  1. My 78 year old mother called to get information on how things work so she knew what could be brought to my son if anything. The woman on the phone was very rude to her and hung up on her twice. My mother is a very sweet lady. The people running the McKenzie Annex are disgraceful. If this is how they treat outsiders, imagine how your loved ones are being treated inside. Also, apparently the sixth amendment means something different to me than what it does to the officials in Texas. I plan to contact some government officials by the time everything is said and done and if you haven’t done your research, you should too. You can sit in jail for 90 days without any form of trial. No chance to prove your innocence. Think about what you would lose after 90 days.

  2. My husband was pulled over for having a headlight out and subsequently was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of possession of Marijuana. He imformed the medi on duty of his diabetes, high blood pressure as well as the fact that he is on 10 medications. He spent 19 hrs in jail and was never given any medications, they did not even read his sugar levels. They could have killed him.

  3. I was arrested on April 30th 2015 at around 1:30PM. They didn’t give me any food until the following morning. I asked every day if I could shower and they denied me a shower every day the entire five days I was in their custody. Officers are the following: Borden, Zapata, Alaniz. My bond was posted Saturday about 4:00PM and I was told that I would not be released until I was signed out by a Pre-Trial officer. That however was not the case for my situation and I was released on Tuesday at 1:30AM without needing to see a Pre-Trial officer or signing any paperwork agreeing to terms of release – well over 72 hours after my bond had been posted. Five days in their custody and no hot meals, no water and no explanation or straight answer as to what was going on.

  4. I was arrested once last year for attemping to get prenatal care and arrested another time one week ago for attempting to get prenatal care. In 2014, the worker last name Navarro POST DATED my arrest information to 2015. This time, I was treated just as infairly. These people wear the BADGE OF THE SHERRIFF’S department but DO NOT FOLLOW RULES AT ALL.

    I was sexually and verbally abused at the jail.

  5. I was verbally threatened with sexual assault, then physically I was sexually assaulted at the Nueces County Jail on leopard on September 4, 2008 by a female Nueces county sheriffs officer/jailer named Shelly Amaya. She was subsequently fired but this facility is a place u never want to be.

  6. I had my brother’s actual birth date, but could not confirm he was in Nueces County jail. He knew his birth date was entered incorrectly and was told it didn’t make any difference! The difference was that we could not confirm he was there until he was allowed to contact us, could not deposit commissary funds until we got his SIDPERS number.

  7. Why is there no way to enter name birthdate to see if person or persons are incarcerated in your facility. Use Harris country jail as example. Then you don’t have to disrupt correction officers real duties. Just saying no offense intended. Thank you and if there is a way to check sorry I didn’t find it. Please include the search sites name if there is one thank you.

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