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  1. Well since I’m not there now…lol… I’ll be honest… I HATED BEING THERE!!!! I did say HATED… rite… lol… When I was there, it was basically my 1st time ever being in jail. I basically stayed in that holding tank. I think that’s what they called it. & I had to wear nasty clothes 🙁 & be in there with some nasty female. omg I don’t want to remember… Let’s just say.. if y’all were videotaping me. Y’all could’ve banked. Cuz I would’ve made peep laugh so hard they peed there self) But it wasn’t funny at all to me. Real talk. I never want to. Any offense. C any of y’all again. I like being out here. So on that note. have a Blessed nite.

  2. This is a pleasant place to come and visit,such nice workers and helpful. My brother was in a facility at one time that made me feel like I was the criminal when I went to visit and was really dreading visiting at your facility but was pleasantly surprised. Keep up the good work.

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