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  1. EXTREMELY unorganized when it comes to visitation. I was 20 minutes early for Saturday’s morning visitation at 8:30; I went up to the window to check in and the woman behind the glass says “we open at 830, have a seat” I look at the seats and they are practically all taken. Now I understand that Ector County is over populated along with its jail and its a privilege to visit inmates but visitors need to be signed in as they arrive.

  2. I have a relative in this jail for almost 60 days and we have not been able to get the
    shoes, socks and underwear to him as of today. It cost to send these items and then have them returned is very flustrating. We have ordered these item 4 times. Each time it is for a different reason, first the address was not all there, then he was not on the list to receive them, but really he was. Something needs to be done about this condition.

  3. I went to visit my fiance in jail this past Friday and I drove all the way from Austin to see him. Not only did they not allow me to see him for 30 min, but they didn’t even let me have 20 minutes with him. CO Edminston was extremely rude and I WILL be filing a grievance against the ECDC. I understand they deal w some really shady people on a daily basis, but not everyone is terrible or have bad intentions.

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