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  1. My son is currently being held in Denton county for almost 9 months now. He has monthly contacts he is wearing and an expired prescription. He is being denied seeing an eye dr for a new prescription while he is incarcerated. His eyes are now begging to get infected and he’s having issues and he’s complained but medical is telling him it’s not a necessary requirement for them to take care of? My son has almost lost his vision before due to ulcers on his eyes and I’ve provided that medical history and they are still not doing anything. Do I need to get his attorney involved?

  2. How do I get Power of Attorney for an inmate so I can take care of his personal business while he’s serving time?? I can’t seem to call any number where a real person answers the phone so that any of my questions can be answered. Every time I need an answer I have to drive all the way to Denton County Jail and even then no one ever seems to be able to put 2 sentences together. I am soooo frustrated.

  3. I’m familiar with Denton County police department bc of jury duty, and in the past bailing my dad out of jail. My dad is currently now serving time that will end up in TDC. I must say, as unfortunate as it is, it has been a good experience. I have no idea what I am doing, but it is good to know that there are people there to help and answer questions. This is such an emotional experience, but when I have question, its so relieving to hear someone on the other line in a good mood answer and guide me where I need to be. Anyway what I’m trying to say, is thank you all for your time and patience, it means more than you know!!! Keep up the amazing work! Thanks again!

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