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This page is about the Bexar County Jail in San Antonio, Texas. Have you been here before? Tell us about it by clicking here.

Bexar County JailHow Do You Locate An Inmate:

There are three ways to find an inmate.

The first online site is the Jail Reports which is updated after a few hours and can be found here. Second, you can go to the Central Magistrate website here or call them at 210-207-7532. Third, you could also call the Central Records at 210-335-6201.

Where Is The Jail Located:

The Bexar County Main Jail is located at 200 North Comal, San Antonio, TX. The Annex is located at 1211 West Travis, San Antonio, TX.

What Time Is The Jail Open:

The Bexar County Jail is open 24 hour, 7 days a week.

When Are Visiting Hours:

  • Visitation is set up by a number ticket system and given out in the lobby.
  • During the weekdays, ticket handouts begin at 11:30 AM until 7:30 PM.
  • During the weekend, ticket handouts begin at 6:30AM-1:30 PM.

Adults may come on scheduled days in accordance with their last name.

A-L Saturday (Adults and Adults with Children)
M-Z Sunday (Adults and Adults with Children)
A-L Monday (Adults only)
M-Z Tuesday (Adults only)

Defense Criminal Lawyer Best TexasWhat Do I Need To Visit An Inmate:

In order to visit an inmate, you will need a valid form of photo identification, such as a driver’s license and be listed on the inmate’s visitation list as “immediate family.”.  For more information on visitation, call 210-335-0092

What are the Rules for Visitation at Bexar County Jail?

Please read all of the rules completely prior to moving forward – Not knowing the rules will not be accepted as an excuse for not following them disobeying any rule may result in you being banned from visiting detainees or criminal charges being pursued when applicable.

  • Visits are a privilege.
  • All visits are subject to monitoring and recording.
  • All visits must be scheduled 24 hours prior to the appointment or up to 1 week in advance.
  • Inmates may receive (2) twenty-minute visits per week; the week starts on Sunday
  • Minor children (16 years or younger) may only visit on Saturdays or Sundays
  • No more than (2) Adults and (1) minor child or (1) Adult and (2) minor children per visit on Saturday and Sundays or (2) Adults on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Wednesdays.
  • When scheduling a visit, list the correct number of children and adults, no substitutions may be made the day of the visit.
  • The person scheduling the visit is considered the primary visitor and must be present at the time of check in and for the visit.
  • A visitor can only visit the same inmate once per day.
  • All cancellations must be completed 24 hours in advance of the visit or it will count as a completed visit.
  • Repeat cancellation or no show will be subject to evaluation and possible suspension of visits.
  • Visitors may be subject to a criminal warrants check.
  • Visits will last 20 minutes.
  • Please be advised if an inmate is in ANY program (at court, on trustee assignments, attorney visits, Bible studies, Chemical Dependency etc.), they are NOT eligible to receive the visit at that time. Please schedule your visits around the inmate’s program schedule.
  • Visitors should arrive 30 minutes prior to appointment to check in.
  • All visitors 17 years or older, must be registered and possess a valid government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, State ID card, or Military Issued ID.
    • Appropriate dress is required at all times, such as but not limited to:
    • Appropriate footwear must worn, no bedroom slippers.
    • Skin tight / Form fitting clothes are not allowed.
    • Any clothing or other items displaying gang-related symbols, themes or colors are prohibited.
    • Any clothing containing vulgar or objectionable language or images are prohibited.
    • All visitors must wear undergarments at all times.
    • No excessively torn jeans with exposed skin above the knee allowed.
    • No hats are allowed unless for medical or religious reasons.
    • No pajamas.
    • All buttons, snaps, and zippers will remain fastened.
    • No see through clothing allowed.
    • No tank tops or sleeveless or low neckline shirts/blouses or shirts/blouses that expose midriff.
    • No clothing that exposes the breast/chest area, genitals, or buttocks.
    • No clothing by design, or by the manner in which it is worn, allows the anatomical detail of body parts to be clearly viewed (e.g., Spandex, Lycra, clothes with holes in inappropriate places, or excessively tight clothing).
    • No skirts, dresses, or shorts more than 3” above the center of the knee in length when standing. This applies to all visitors regardless of age.
    • Video Visitation Supervisor is the final authority in determining appropriate dress.
  • Visitors and inmates must remain seated at all times during the visitation session. Small children, three (3) years old and younger, must remain on the visitor’s lap at all times.
  • Any inappropriate activity will result in termination of your session.
  • Visitors involved in the following are subject to have visitation privilege suspended for a minimum of 30 days and up to a permanent visitation ban:
    • Visitors that create a disturbance or disruption in the visiting process.
    • Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    • Visitors that refuse to show sufficient identification.
    • Visitors that act in an inappropriate manner during their visitation.
  • The visitation schedule may be cancelled or altered on county appointed holidays or for safety / security reasons.
  • Staff can deny, change, or cancel a visit at any time at their discretion.
  • Bringing firearms, explosives, alcoholic beverages, narcotics or any controlled substances including marijuana into this facility is a crime and cause for arrest.
  • Visitors are not allowed to carry cameras, tape recorders, purses, bags, diaper bags, backpacks, brief cases, cell phones, or any electronic device into the Video Visitation Center.
  • Coin operated storage lockers are available for $1.00; no change is available at the Video Visitation Center.
  • No food or beverages in the Video Visitation Center.
  • No loitering at the Video Visitation Center.
  • Only persons with a scheduled visit or using scheduling kiosks are allowed in the Video Visitation Center.
  • No Minors/Children shall be left unattended.
  • Each visitation session will show a timer to display elapsed time.
  • After your visit has ended your connection will automatically terminate.
  • Any violation is subject to suspension up to a permanent ban.
    • Video Visitation Supervisor is the final authority in determining appropriate consequence for the infraction.

What Is The Phone Call Policy:

Bexar County inmates are allowed phone calls, loved ones can leave them money for the calls and register.

ICSolutions offers two programs to assist with telephone communication with detainees: a Prepaid Collect Calling account and Debit Telephone Account Funding.

The Prepaid Collect Calling account helps to pay for any calls received from a detainee at the Bexar County Adult Detention Facility. Accounts can be opened or funded on the ICSolutions website. Assistance with an account can be reached 24 hours by calling ICSolutions at 888-506-8407 or 210-900-1899.

The Debit Telephone Account Funding allows money to be added to a detainee’s Debit Telephone Account. Once payment is received a detainee is then able to use the funds to call any allowed telephone number. Assistance with funding a Debit Telephone Account can be reached by calling ICSolutions at 888-888-8413.

How can I leave money for an inmate in Bexar County Jail?

Deposits to Inmate Trust Fund

This facility will accept money orders or cashier checks by mail only at the following address:

Bexar County Adult Detention Center
Inmate Trust Fund
P.O. Box 831609
San Antonio, Texas 78283-1609

NO Personal checks accepted.

If a money order is not properly filled out, it will be returned.

For a money order, please follow these directions:

  • Pay to the order of: Inmate Trust Fund
  • Print the sender’s name and address in BOTTOM LEFT corner.
  • Print the detainee’s name and SID number in BOTTOM RIGHT corner.

If you need assistance, please contact the banking department at 210-335-6287.

How can I send mail or care packages to Bexar County Jail?

Detainee Mailing Address

[Detainee’s Name and SID number]
[Living Unit location if known]
Bexar County Adult Detention Center
200 N. Comal Street
San Antonio, TX 78207

Please remember that these guidelines are intended to assist in communicating with the detainee while they are incarcerated with the Bexar County Adult Detention Center. Should you need more detailed information concerning detainee mail, please call 210-335-6867.

Detainee Mail Communication

Mail is collected and delivered five (5) days per week (Monday through Friday) except on Federal holidays. Detainees may receive letters in any quantity; however, when contraband is mailed in letters (combs, cigarettes, non-acceptable or excessive photos, and other items deemed inappropriate or contraband, etc.) all of the contents of the mail will be returned to sender with a mail disposition notice indicating the reason the correspondence was not deliverable.

Any mail sent to a detainee after they are released or transferred will be returned to the sender.

Non-privileged correspondence: All incoming mail will be opened and inspected in the mail room. Polaroid pictures or any photo with a cardboard back are not allowed. Detainees are not allowed to possess more than six (6) photos and all correspondence containing more than six (6) photos will be returned to sender. Photos larger than 5” x 7” are not allowed.

Do not send cash, money orders, cashiers checks, or any other such item through the mail. The Bexar County Adult Detention Center Mail Room will return these items to the sender. Please review the Bexar County Inmate Trust Fund page for information on how to send money to a detainee.

Detainees are authorized to receive some publications such as books, magazines, and newspapers as long as they come from a publishing company. Adult magazines such as Playboy, Hustler, etc. are not allowed. Any publications from family, friends, and local bookstores, as well as internet sites, are prohibited and all items will be returned to the sender.

Approved care packages can be ordered through ARAMARK’s iCare Program and will be sent directly to the detainee.

All items sent to detainees through the mail that are considered contraband will be returned to the sender. All illegal items will be confiscated.

Detainees housed in the Adult Detention Center may purchase stationary, envelopes, and postage stamps through the jail commissary.

Certified mail service is available through the mailroom. The detainee is responsible for the required postage.

Where Are Impound Vehicles Are Stored:

Impounded vehicles from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office are stored at Texas Towing, 422 Steves, San Antonio, Texas and can be reached at 210-220-1000. You will need either the license plate number or the Vehicle Identification Number. Texas Towing is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Impounded vehicles from the San Antonio Police Department are stored at United Road Towing Vehicle Storage, 3625 Growden Road, San Antonio, Texas and can be reached at 210-431-8200. You will need the license plate number, Vehicle Identification Number, or an SAPD case number. United Road Towing Vehicle Storage is open 24 hours, 7 days a week with exceptions to shift changes.

What Is The Website:

You can view the website by clicking here.


  1. I have looked everywhere and searched every thing I can think of but I can’t find an approved list of publishing houses to order books from for my brother who’s n bexar county jail. Does anyone know where to find this info??

    • To make your life easier, anything from Amazon or Google Books is a safe bet, though they might block anything coming from out of the country, so make sure the seller is US based

  2. Jail information for Bexar County Jail was updated on December 15th of 2017, if you have any questions or suggestions please shoot us an email at

  3. If you arent a frequent flyer…as I am not. Do NOT expect to receive direction on what to do or where to go. They dont tell you when they hand you a piece of paper that looks like a drug script that it has a floor number on it. They do t tell you to take an elevator to said floor and to speak the floor you want as pushing the floor button will not work. They do not tell you what yelling a number out means as your waiting for your loved one to be walked to visitation. They treat visitors as if they are the criminal.

    • If you would be willing to share these insights, we will post them on this page so others will know in advance, shoot us an email

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