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Comal County Jail

Jail Information

This page is about the Comal County Jail also known as Comal County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Divisions located in New Braunfels, Texas. Have you been here before? Tell us about it by clicking here.

Comal County JailHow Do You Locate An Inmate:

For Comal County,  you can search for inmates through the online record search here at or you can call directly at 830-620-3450.

Where Is The Jail Located:

The Comal County Jail address is 3005 W. San Antonio St. New Braunfels, Texas.

When Are Prisoners Arraigned:

Prisoner arraignment is dependent upon the judge.

When Are Visiting Hours:

The inmate visitation schedule is organized by inmate housing unit. Every inmate cell block has two 20-minute visitation periods each week. An inmate’s particular visitation days will depend on where they are housed in the facility. Visitors must have a valid Government issued form of identification (ex. Driver’s License, Passport, Identification Card, Concealed Handgun License, Law Enforcement ID with picture)

On Monday:

  • H Bed 1-4 are from 7:15am- 7:35am. H-Bed 5-8 is from 8:30am- 8:50am.
  • K Bed 1-4 is from 6:15am- 6:35am. K Bed 5-8 is from 7:30am- 7:50am.

On Tuesday:

  • R2 is from 7:15am- 7:35am. R1 is from 8:30am- 8:50am.
  • Q2 is from 9:45am-10:05am. Q1 is from 12:15pm- 12:35pm.
  • P2 is from 1:30pm- 1:50pm. P1 is from 2:45pm- 3:05pm.
  • G is from 4:00pm- 4:20pm.
  • WR1 and WR2 are from 6:15pm- 6:35pm.

On Wednesday:

  • J Bed 1-4 is from 7:15am- 7:35am. J Bed 5-8 is from 8:30am- 8:50am.
  • DRC is from 6:15pm- 6:35pm.

On Thursday:

  • M1/M2 are from 7:15am- 7:35am.
  • O1/ O2 are from 8:30am- 8:50am.
  • L1/L2 are from 9:45am- 10:05am.
  • C is from 12:15pm- 12:35pm.
  • D is from 12:45pm-1:05pm.
  • B1 is from 1:30pm- 1:50pm. B2 is from 2:45pm- 3:05pm.
  • E is from 4:00pm- 4:20pm.
  • WR3 is from 6:15pm- 6:35pm.

On Friday:

  • K Bed 1-4 is from 7:15am- 7:35am. K Bed 5-8 is from 8:30am- 8:50am.
  • J Bed 1-4 are from 6:15pm- 6:35pm. J Bed 5-8 are from 7:30pm- 7:50pm.

On Saturday:

  • P1 is from 7:15am- 7:35am. P2 is from 8:30am- 8:50am.
  • Q1 is from 9:45am- 10:05am. Q2 is from 12:15pm- 12:35pm.
  • R1 is from 1:30pm-1:50pm. R2 is from 2:45pm- 3:05pm.
  • WRI and WR2 are from 4:00pm- 4:20pm.
  • G is from 6:15pm- 6:6:35pm.

On Sunday:

  • B1 is from 7:15am- 7:35am. B2 is from 8:30am- 8:50am.
  • D is from 9:45am- 10:05am.
  • C is from 10:15am- 10:35am.
  • E is from 12:15pm- 12:35pm.
  • L1/L2 is from 1:30pm- 1:50pm.
  • O1/O2 is from 2:45pm- 3:05pm.
  • M1/M2 is from 4:00pm- 4:20pm.
  • WR3 is from 6:15pm- 6:35pm.

What Do I Need To Visit An Inmate:

In order to visit an inmate, you must bring a valid government-issued form of identification. On a side note, the Comal County Jail enforces the rule that all visitors must arrive 10 minutes prior to visit.

Defense Criminal Lawyer Best TexasWhat Items Can I Bring To A Prisoner:

You are more encouraged to mail items for inmates through the Inmate Mail project.

How do I send mail to an inmate at the Comal County Jail?

Mailing Address for Inmates:

Comal County Jail (Cell Block)

Inmate’s Name and SPN#

3005 W. San Antonio St.

New Braunfels, TX 78130

Can I send money to an inmate at Comal County Jail?

Yes, money orders are NOT accepted

To load money on IM account, click here


Any other type of currency or check will be returned to sender.

Once An Inmate Has Been Released Where Can I Pick Him Up:

Once an inmate has been released, you can pick him/her up in front of the Comal County Jail.

Jail Tips:

In order to send money to inmate, all funds must be made out through a money order.

What Is The Website:

You may visit the Comal County Jail website here.

Jail Administrator: Major John Bell – 830-620-3474


  1. Crime isnt free and there are so manny privately owned prisons now. Must be somewhat profitable to those owners which makes you wonder are they keeping inmates longer than they’re suppose to costing tax payers more than we should be paying?

  2. God replies on this site?
    How can such comments bee made if you don’t know. Innocent people do get put in jail. Even if a person deserves to be in jail, inmates deserve humane treatment. God forbid one of your family or loved one be imprisoned, would you still agree to have them die of sepsis?

  3. No jail isnt a resort but no one deserves that kind of treatment !! Its a shame!

  4. How sad they treat people that have not been convicted of a crime worse than shit. They only pay lip service about protecting life liberty and property. Sadistic correction officers there.I was put in that evil hell-hole for 45 days due to a misunderstanding by a clerk of the court. I realize now why in a revolution they stand the scummy judges as well as others in power and execute these rotten shit-bags.

  5. My first time in jail n it had to be comal,real bad experience I thought I was going to die.I am 58yrs old.they put me in a holding tank for 40 was so very cold in bones were hurting so bad I was crying I asked one of the guards for a blanket. He said u suffer u don’t get a blanket down here.I explained my condition but he just ignored me.they treat u worse then an animal.

  6. They almost let my husband die. Had to be taken to ICU lost two teeth and scars on his face because they let an infection go to long

    • They should’ve let that scrum die

    • Prison isn’t a resort. Crime isn’t free.

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