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Rockwall County Jail in Rockwall, Texas

This site is about the Rockwall County Jail located in Rockwall, Texas. Have you been here before? Tell us about it by clicking here.

Jail Information

Rockwall County JailHow Do You Locate An Inmate:

You can locate an inmate at the Rockwall County Jail by telephone at 972-204-7108.

Where Is The Rockwall County Jail Located?:

The Rockwall County Jail address is 950 T. L. Townsend Rockwall, TX.

What Time Is The Jail Open:

The Rockwall County Jail is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

When Are Visiting Hours at the Rockwall County Jail?:

Visiting hours are dependent on the day of the week.

  • Sunday hours are between 12 PM – 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM.
  • Wednesday hours are between 12 PM – 3:00 PM and 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

What Do I Need To Visit An Inmate:

Visits will not exceed 20 minutes in duration, no more than 2-20 minutes visits will be allowed per visitation day. Inmates will be limited to 2 visits per visitation day. No more than 3 visitors will be allowed to visit an inmate at one time. This means one adult and two children for a 20-minute visit, or two adults and one child for a 20-minute visit. At no time will any child be left unattended. Visitation is based on a first come first served basis. An inmate is not required to have a visitor list.

What Items Can I Bring To A Prisoner:

Visitors are allowed to leave money for inmates. There are three ways to do so, EZ Kiosk Machine, EZ Online, EZ Toll-Free Number. The EZ Kiosk Machine is located in the lobby of the sheriff’s office. You can access EZ Online by clicking here. The toll-free number is 1-888-497-2387.

Defense Criminal Lawyer Best TexasOnce An Inmate Has Been Released Where Can I Pick Him Up:

You can pick up an inmate at the lobby entrance upon being released.

How to send an inmate at The Rockwall County Jail money:

The Rockwall County Sherrif’s Office provides inmate access to a commissary program in which items such as candy and snacks, writing materials, and hygiene items available for purchase by inmates using the funds located on their inmate trust fund account. A loved one can deposit money for an inmate through:

A kiosk located in the jail lobby.

How do you send mail to an inmate at the Rockwall County Jail?

If you would like to send mail to your loved one at the jail, please format your envelope like the following.

Inmate’s Full Name

Rockwall County Jail

950 TL Townsend Dr.

Rockwall, Texas 75087

Jail Tips:

Inmates reside for an average time of three months and most are gone before one year. The Rockwall County Jail houses low-risk inmates.

What Is The Website:

You can click here to view the website.


  1. My husband & have been racially profiled twice in Rockwall he still in there on soon BS trump charges outrageous bond they must know I have time than money & NAACP on it as well as some other activist in high places investigating. One mistake is all I’m looking for 2016 racism getting worse HOW?DEVIL U A LIAR

  2. Yea they keep me there for 8 months for bs at the end they dismissed my case knowing from the beginning we’re innocent that County is so racist

    • Their not racist against colored people they don’t like anyone who not$$$$$$ that’s what its all about my boyfriend tried to fire his court appointed attorney and judge told him no if he did he would have to hire his own! That’s against the law u r allowed to fire ur attorney if he’s not working for u and his attorney Buford Waldrop is a joke he told Jack to take the first offer they came at him with he was in the hospital after having heart attack during the time frame they say he was committing fraud and his attorny hasn’t even requested those medical records for proof

  3. if arrested, you will be able to keep the socks you have on. but you only get one pair of drawers.

    • They didn’t let my boyfriend keep his socks, and they were all white like they use. And then they told him they were out of socks, he would have to wait 4 days. On that 4th day, they still didn’t have any, and they told him it would be another 2 days. He didn’t have any socks for over a week. It’s FREEZING in there!

    • Very few county jails even supply socks of any kind for inmates, of course, it is always available for purchase from the commissary but unfortunately it is not standard practice to provide socks to inmates, criminals and all, let me get some frostbite(in Texas) and maybe if they lose a few toes they’ll be less efficient criminals and harass decent society attending citizens less with they funky feet.

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