How To Choose An Attorney

Picking the right attorney is a tough process. Keep these things in mind.

1. Do they practice locally? You want them to be somewhat familiar with the court where you are being tried.

2. Do they seem knowledgeable? You want them to know what they are doing.

3. Can you afford the attorney? Make sure that you can afford the attorney and if they offer payment plans will you be able to afford the payments.

Check out our local jail pages to find an attorney that is familiar with your current courts, you feel comfortable with and seems intelligent and well-informed.

Do not settle and ask questions.

How To Choose A Bail Bondsman

Often, when a loved one or family member is arrested, there is little time to research how to pick a bondsman. But these simple rules have helped many people pick the right one.

1. Go Local. Pick a bail bondsman that is familiar with the jail where your loved one is being held.

2. Easy To Talk With. When you called, did the person you spoke with make you feel comfortable and did they answer all of your questions? You should feel comfortable asking him or her any of your questions.

3. Fee. Ask for the fee's upfront. Usually, but not always, the bond amount for a felony is 10% and the bond amount for a misdemeanor is 20%. These are rough estimates only.

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