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North Richland Hills Jail

This page is releated to the North Richland Hills jail located in North Richland Hills, Texas near the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. Have you been here before? Tell us about it by clicking here.

NRH PoliceHow Do You Locate An Inmate:

There are two ways to locate an inmate. The first is probably the quickest and easiest. You can call 817-427-7000 and choose option #3. A detention officer will pick up and can provide you information on an inmate.

The second way to locate an inmate is to go in person to the North Richland Hills Police Department lobby at 7301 N.E. Loop 820, North Richand Hills, Texas 76180.

Where Is The Jail The North Richland Hills Joint Detention Facility Located:

The NRH Jail address is 7301 N.E. Loop 820, North Richland Hills, Texas 76180.

What Time Is The Jail Open:

The jail is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

When Are Prisoners Arraigned:

At the North Richland Hills Jail, inmates are usually arraigned between 7AM and 10AM. But keep in mind that the schedule can change if the judge is not available.

When Are Visiting Hours:

First an inmate cannot have any visitors till the inmate has been locked up for at least 24 hours and is not awaiting transfer or pending investigation.

You can visit an inmate from 1:00PM-5:00PM and 7:00PM-6:00AM. But be sure and contact the North Richland Hills Jail at 817-427-7000 and selection option 3 before going to visit an inmate; sometimes they change the visitation hours.

The inmate is limited to ten (10) minutes and only two people are allowed to visit at a time.

Visitation requirements are: Visitors must be appropriately dressed;be at least 18 years of age; present a valid State or U.S. Government issued photo identification that includes the name and date of birth; and have no outstanding arrest warrants.

Defense Criminal Lawyer Best TexasWhat Do I Need To Visit An Inmate:

This jail is relatively lax on the requirements to visit an inmate. All visitors must be dressed appropriately. If you are not sure what to wear, dress business casual. You must have a valid (cannot be expired) State of US Government issued photo identification card. The photo identification card must have the visitors name and date of birth. Also, keep in mind, that when visiting an inmate, you cannot have any outstanding warrants.

What Is The Website:
Click here to view the North Richland Hills Jails website.


  1. evening visitation is 8pm-6am and the correct phone number to call is 817-427-7080

  2. Is there a 48 hour visiting rule for inmates? If you visit an inmate you’re generally not allowed to visit for another 48 hours

  3. There has to be a change for families to find out if there loved ones are ok or not. The status of there health there well being. If they have been harmed or not. the officers are not very helpful. The inmates should be able to make more than phone call.

  4. Officer Castro refused to give my son a message. I was not allowed to see my son for 30 plus hours. This was my son’s first offence and he was very anxious. Obviously as a parent I was anxious also. When I asked him please to deliver a message to my son, he informed me “that is not how it is going to work.” I guess the stress of law enforcement is so great, there is no room for compassion or consideration for families that have never been through this. We contacted an attorney who indicated my son had gone too long without araignment. Locked up, frightened, and not allowed messages from the outside. The experience is difficult enough without officers making it harder. It is not right to refuse families to check in and verify health and safety of thier family member.

    • tax payers should rotate working in the jail. like jury duty. then jailers, you and me, would be more humble and empathetic to our fellow citizens. the jailers, which are not the police, and are not the people who arrested your loved one on the street. usually a inmate will take out their anger and frustration caused by the arresting officer out on the jailer once inside the jail. unfair to the jailer. REVOLUTION!

  5. My son was arrested for an MIC (minor in consumption of alcohol) I called the jail to see what the exact charge was and how much and was told he wasn’t in there. I spelled both of his last names out and was still told he wasn’t in there when obviously he was there. They either need a different system set up or whoever is answering the phone isn’t doing their job properly. This is a head ache for families.

    • a head ache for society is a minor’s involvment in criminal activity wasnt discovered by his guardians, mom and dad, and dealt with before the law of the land delt with it. just kiddng. i say do whatever feels good to you. no not really. i had 4 step dads to remind me at 18 i was out on my ass.

  6. I called the department to find out how to get my money back from a collect call that I accepted which was a waste of money b/c the inmates can call and when u accept it takes your money and the lady clearly gave me the wrong number twice. I really don’t think people understand how difficult money is to come by.

    • And the phones were down and it still took my money

  7. I called looking for someone and was told they were not in their jail. The inmate called me several times and I never received confirmation of the inmate being there, even though they were

  8. I had called and they told me that the person I was looking for was not in their jail I spelled his first and last name and was told again he was not there called later and he was still there


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