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This page is about Montgomery County Jail located in Conroe, Texas. Have you been here before? Tell us about it by clicking here.

Montgomery-CountyHow Do You Locate An Inmate:

You can locate an inmate at the Montgomery County Jail online by clicking here.

Where Is The Jail Located:

The Montgomery County Jail is located at 1 Criminal Justice Dr. Conroe, TX.

What Time Is The Jail Open:

The Montgomery County Jail is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

When Are Prisoners Arraigned:

Arraignments are generally conducted in the mornings around 8:30AM.

When Are Visiting Hours at the Montgomery County Jail:

Visiting hours are determinate upon the last name of the inmate.

A-M Saturday 8:00AM-11:00AM
N-Z Saturday 2:00PM-5:00PM
A-M Sunday 2:00PM-5:00PM
N-Z Sunday 8:00AM-11:00AM

Make up visitation hours are set for Monday 7:30PM-10:30PM if inmate did not receive his/her visit limit.

What Do I Need To Visit An Inmate at the Montgomery County Jail:

First, you must be on the visitation list filled out by the inmate. You must have a state issued ID, either a Driver License or an ID card.

Prior to being allowed to visit, all visitors shall successfully pass through the metal detector.

Visitation Dress Code:
The following listed Dress Code applies to both males and females entering this facility. It applies to Visitors, County Employees, and others conducting business inside this facility:

  • No revealing and/or see through clothing
  • No sleeveless dresses, shirts, or tops (shoulders must be covered)
  • No spandex or tights without a skirt
  • No dress or shorts shall be higher than 3” above the middle of the knee while standing
  • No pants or jeans with multiple tears, rips, or holes allowed
  • No clothing displaying obscene or offensive language, drawings, or gang affiliations

All visitors are to secure all personal items in their vehicle.
No Cameras, Cellphones, Handbags, or Baby Carriers of any kind are allowed in the Visitation Areas.  Children must be controlled.  Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of visit.

Defense Criminal Lawyer Best TexasWhat Items Can I Bring To A Prisoner:

Aside from letters, visitors are not allowed to bring items for prisoners.

How do I send money to an inmate at Montgomery County Jail:

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office offers three (3) convenient methods to send money to a Montgomery County Jail Inmate.

1. Visit our new commissary kiosk. The kiosk is similar to an ATM machine; however, instead of giving money, it takes it and deposits it directly into an inmate’s account. The kiosk will accept cash ($5 bills or higher) and credit/debit cards with the VISA/MasterCard logo. A $4.00 fee is applied for any deposit $0.01-$300.00.

A kiosk located at the Sheriff’s Office lobby (located at #1 Criminal Justice Drive in Conroe). This machine will be available for use 24 hours a day.

2. Call 1-866-345-1884 toll-free to make a telephone deposit using your credit/debit card with the VISA or MasterCard logo. The fees for the phone service are as follows:

Amount of Deposit
(maximum deposit $300.00)
Service Fee
(Charged directly to your credit/debit card)
$0.01 – $19.99 $3.95
$20.00 – $99.99 $6.95
$100.00 – $199.99 $8.95
$200.00 – $300.00 $10.95

3. Visit Access Corrections and create an online account to make deposits into an inmate’s account. The fees for the online service are as follows:

Amount of Deposit
(maximum deposit $300.00)
Service Fee
(Charged directly to your credit/debit card)
$0.01 – $19.99 $2.95
$20.00 – $99.99 $5.95
$100.00 – $199.99 $7.95
$200.00 – $300.00 $9.95

By using options 1-3, funds will be immediately available to the inmate.

What can I send in the mail to an inmate at the Montgomery County Jail:

You will need his/her pin number (Personal Identification Number) and cell location. This information will need to be on the envelope along with the following:

Montgomery County Jail
Inmate’s Name
Pin # Cell location
#1 Criminal Justice Drive
Conroe, Texas 77301

The only thing the inmates may receive from a personal party is letters. Books may be received if sent directly from the publisher or an online service such as These books must be soft/paperback; no hardback books will be accepted. Inmates are allowed Newspapers sent directly from their publisher. Inmates are not allowed anything generated from the Internet, song lyrics, stamps, greeting cards or copies, postcards, coloring or shading, markers, crayons, nudity pictures, tattoo pictures, pictures larger than 5X7 inches, more than 10 pictures, puzzle books, books, magazines, stains, Internet printouts, money orders, or cash.


Mail is delivered each day, Monday through Friday. All letters must have the inmates name, personal identification number, and a return address. This information will need to be on the envelope along with the following:

Each inmate must have an identification armband issued by classification in order to receive his/her mail.  Inmates without armbands must request to have an armband issued by classification in order to receive their mail (exceptions made for all legal material). All mail received for inmates without armbands is held in the mail room until the inmate has the required armband.

Inmates are permitted to receive all mail that is not considered contraband or pornographic/offensive. Please do not send inmates with the following items as they are not acceptable and will not be delivered to the inmate:

  • Song lyrics
  • Stamps
  • Greeting cards or copies
  • Post cards
  • Coloring or shading
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Nudity pictures
  • Tattoo pictures
  • Pictures larger than 5X7 inches
  • More than 10 pictures
  • Puzzle books
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Stains
  • Internet print outs
  • Money orders
  • Cash

Books, magazines, and other materials may be received if sent directly from the publisher or an online service such as These books must be soft/paper back; no hard back books will be accepted. Inmates are allowed Newspapers sent directly from their publisher.

What Is The Phone Call Policy:

Inmates can purchase pre-paid phone cards through the Commissary and the inmate will activate this card when they have phone privileges. Else, you may set up an account with Global Tele Link (Inmate Phone Service) at 1-877-856-3184.


Once An Inmate Has Been Released Where Can I Pick Him Up:

An inmate will be released at 1 Criminal Justice Dr. Conroe, TX.

What Is The Website: You can view the website by clicking here.


  1. I’ve been arrested 3 times on the same charge crazy thing is I went to court and payed my fine but was not filed properly so was arrested 6yrs later for same thing I didn’t have my receipt so had to pay again 2 yrs later arrested again same charge this time I had proof kept all my paper work but didn’t stop them from arresting me first Montgomery county is crooked

  2. This page, dedicated to the Montgomery County Jail was updated on December 21st of 2017, if you have any questions or suggestions, please shoot us an email at

  3. This place is sad and the officers are a disgusting, power hungry, inhumane, abusive, neglectful, money hungry, deceitful, and all around soulless animals. I cannot even call them human. Even calling them animals is an insult to the animal kingdom! They are the scum of the earth!
    Montgomery county Texas police, court system, and even some people who know the police as friends and family are also dirty and remain “anonymous”.
    Record anything and everything when dealing with these scumbags!
    Almost always do video and audio come up missing, damaged, or never make it passed the corrupted DA without spending thousands of dollars for a fare trial!

  4. I need to know if I’m on visitation for peter m young

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  6. You can contact “the government accountablity office” or is it called “government accountability project” either or they are a place that investigates gov./jails/prisons etc.

    Yall go for it! DOJ etc is too corrupt itself.

  7. Does anyone know how to find out if you are on someones visiting list other than going all the way up there

    • try to call. if bit have to write the inmate and ask him then have him call u or write u n let u know

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  9. Does anyone know to whom we can file complaints to and lets get an investigation going? I have all the time in the world to follow through with getting corruption out of Conroes law enforcement. I’m sick and tired of my tax dollars paying for criminal law enforcement.

  10. I’ve never been to jail before but my spouse has been to this jail twice. Each time has been a horrible ordeal! My spouse has medical issues that require medications…many of which are unjustly classified as narcotics. Most of the issues have been addressed here already so I can only reiterate what others have said on here. The jail is filthy, the sheriffs and staff are incredibly callous and unsympathetic to anyone.
    Yeah, I know it’s a jail- NOT a hotel- but this place is just a money maker for Montgomery County. I moved here 4 years ago from Downtown and am already looking for a home back in Harris County because of things like this, the ignorance of people in general out here, and it’s getting so crowded out here these days. All the things I left Downtown for are out here in abundance: crime, drugs, traffic. It’s very sad because it’s nice to have an affordable home and property out here but the cons outweigh the pros (no pun intended!)

  11. What happened to innocent before proven guilty why in the hell r we all guilty and on probation taking ua,s before we even go to court ? And why is it we r paying probation fees and we havent even went to court and why is it that our pictures or plastered all over papers thats a invasion of our privacy. They r doing nothing but breaking the law and our constitutional rights and there invading our prvacy and private life with our jobs kids familys. Ect its wrong and they need to be stoped . Hell they r raiding our houses with no search warrants and lieing aout doing it . In afividatives and on the stands from what i have read . In other news papers . They want even give people there medicine that a dr perscribes you and that its a matter of life and death. Someone really needs to put a stop to the way they treat there inmates maybe if the tables were turned for a day or so i bet they would sing a different toon . Lets put them in there and treat them the way they treat there inmates and lets see how they like it i bet they wouldnt last a min with out them going to crying there excuse my language but that there puss hurt.

    • I totally agree with you 100 percent. SOMETHING has to be done. Its the good ole boy mentality. They lie and do whatever it takes to bro g you down regardless of your I gut or innocence. especially Panaroma wanna be a policeman, but can’t village. Now that Hightower is gone they may stand a chance. nahh, so such luck.

    • It’s a clear case of extortion nobody tells you you’re going to be on bond stipulation probation until you’re out the jail if you refuse it you go back to jail nobody gives you your bond money back organized crime as well if it’s the bond company stipulation you should be going to a private probation department that the bonding company is funding or being paid to or whatever and it shouldn’t be the judge that determines whether you go back on bond oh and incidentally pay them to go back on that bond that you’ve always been on once we’re fucking stupid people is all I can say and we just keep asking for more

  12. The only thing this county cares about is money. This is the only county that makes you see a probation officer pay fines and take UA while on bond. You haven’t been
    charged how are they gonna make you pay fees and report every month. If there were any honest law abiding people out there it would change but there isn’t montgomery county is corrupt and someone needs to do the right thing. It’s sad to see how officers act these days there not out there to protect and serve they do what they want and don’t care about the people they care about what they think they are cause they have a badge. Someone please stop cruel and unusual practices by the MC officers all of them.

    • Exactly!!! Money hungry bunch of lieing bastard. After 17 years I got the hell out of monkey county

  13. The only thing this county cares about is money. This is the only county that makes you see a probation officer pay fines and take UA while on bond. You haven’t been charged how are they gonna make you pay fees and report every month it’s all about the money. If there were any honest law abiding people out there it would change but there isn’t montgomery county is corrupt and someone needs to do the right thing. It’s sad to see how officers act these days there not out there to protect and serve they do what they want and don’t care about the people they care about what they think they are cause they have a badge. Someone please stop cruel and unusual practices by the MC officers all of them.


    Texas Jail Project recently visited Montgomery County. One of the things they are helping with is helping set up a local group in MOCO. Here is the Facebook link to our group that I set up. It is Montgomery County Jail Advocates. As the group grows and acquires more members we would like to set up a webpage and more permanent name that is voted on my members.

    Thanks to Texas Jail Projects visit to Montgomery County local citizens are working to make changes inside MOCO jail. Please join us by posting your stories. We will be having monthly meetings where we discuss the issues that need to be resolved as well as providing information for Texas Jail Project also.

  15. The place is dirty.Montgomery County is corrupted.They find everyway to get money out of you.I dont agree with anything they do.It’s so full of crap.

  16. This is so crooked one day I get pulled over they take drugs and say u got warrents take ,are of them have a good day next day get pulle over get taken to jail gott ime served two days later still not released hum…. Put a hundr ed dollars on pbone got six calls wtf is really going on a.d how they gunna put my wife next to sex offenders ecause they didnt have room smh you got roo m for child molester but not a mother thats sad

  17. Every time I visited an inmate the guards were professional. As for the condition of the visiting area, yes it’s dirty and needs cleaning. But it’s jail, what are you expecting? A hotel?

    • No Jane, nobody expects jail to be like a hotel. What people expect is humane treatment and for the authorities to behave properly and within the law. Then again, if police abided by the law we wouldn’t have riots in Baltimore.

    • would you want to be n date like dat dem ppl already got enough on dem so y put them thru it da state of Texas r getting paid for each inmate so wat the fucc u mean

    • jail especially da guardFucc

  18. Visited an inmate there a while back. The guards were bossy, antagonistic, smartmouthed and very unprofessional. And yes the place was dirty but what are you going to do?

  19. Visited an inmate there a while back. The guards are bossy, antagonistic, smartmouthed and unprofessional. Not a pleasent experience for the visitor or the inmate and yes it was “dirty”

  20. The visiting area’s were dirty and the areas that the prisoners were let through to the visiting areas the door were dirty. Surely you could put some of those guys to work cleaning the doors and such.

    • I was jailed on a warrant by the Judge on a probation revocation due to a failed urinalysis. Although I had provided my probation office a letter from my doctor stating the medication, what it was used for and that it was the only medication available to help me as all other avenues had been exhausted. He failed to turn the letters into the court. He failed to review the U.A. properly and sent a notice to the court that I had violated my probation. After two and half weeks $1500 and an attorney, the Judged sent a Court Ordered Release immediately. No apology, no compensation, no recognition of error. My life and my families’ life devastated. We pray to continue to do what we are supposed to do as ordered by the court. We tremble in fear when we think of their unethical gaffe. This mistake in judgment, supervisory oversight led to the unscrupulous, unprincipled and unlawful detention I endured in agony.

      Montgomery County Jail medical department is refusing valid prescriptions delivered by family to inmates. They claim that certain prescriptions are not accepted because they are so called “narcotics” when in fact most are Schedule IV non-narcotic medications as defined by the DEA. They are violating inmate rights under the 8th amendment as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act! Requests for medical care is ignored, grievances are ignored, intake, classification as well as POD Officers ignore please for medical aid to disabled inmates as well as myself; I am a disabled U.S.A.F Veteran. I have filed with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards as well as the ACLU. Inmates are subjected to Cruel and Unusual Punishment. I am not confined now. I do not wish any compensation for myself. It is my hope that my cry and plea for help with assist others to get the humane care that they deserve. You have my permission to use my name and/or information if you decide to investigate this travesty of Justice.

      Although I filed request forms, wrote two grievances, filed medical request to see the doctor, wrote the Lieutenant in charge, informed booking; classification; medical and all of the POD 5 Officers on duty, I was denied medication for my seizures and chronic pain, denied a bottom bunk and most importantly denied proper medical care and attention to my disabilities.

      I was also confined originally last May and was treated exactly the same way then. I filed three grievances and file so many requests I can not count them. Again, I spoke to every officer I encountered. Was kicked by one officer while I was sleeping, he said “I did not answer him so I was non-compliant.” This would be a felony for any other person. “Injury to a Disabled” is a crime. It is apparently not true for Sheriffs Deputies. I was made to sleep on the floor for three days. I could not climb into a top bunk due to nerve damage my lumbar spine. The Grievance Officer stated that the video of that particular day was not available. How convenient for them. I was not given my blood pressure medicine for over two weeks and then when they did dispense it, they made errors in dosage and twice tried to give me another person’s medicine.

      The Jail Rule Book given me says that I have the right to receive medications delivered by my family. They refused to accept anything at first and after two weeks the V.A. got involved and sent re-sealed medications for my blood pressure. They continued to refuse Lyrica. They ineptly called it a “Narcotic.” Again they refused Gabapenten. They refused Phenobarbital for my seizures stating again that it too was a “Narcotic.” Tramadol was refused as the mistakenly called it a “Narcotic.” And lastly, my Anxiety medication (Clonazepam) for Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Panic Attacks was denied. Again they mistakenly called it a “Narcotic.” My doctor finally tried giving me Carisoprodol to help control muscle spasms in my back and legs. Again they wrongfully referred to it as a “Narcotic.” Where to they get their Pharmaceutical education? This is incredulous. Living in the Jails harsh environment with chronic pain, having seizures, panic attacks, and nerve pain and muscle spasms was certainly Cruel and Unusual Punishment. I suffered traumatic stress and continue to have nightmares concerning this issue. Although, these medications require a prescription and certainly might be abused by some, others should not have to suffer when sufficient evidence via review of medical records from the past 22 years indicates the need for proper treatment.

      Many law enforcement officials in the United States inaccurately use the word ‘narcotic’ to refer to any illegal drug or any unlawfully possessed drug. An example is referring to cannabis as a narcotic. Because the term is often used broadly, inaccurately or pejoratively outside medical contexts, most medical professionals prefer the more precise term opioid, which refers to natural, semi-synthetic, and synthetic substances that behave pharmacologically like morphine, the primary active constituent of natural opium poppy. Although the overuse of the term ‘narcotic’ in various non-clinical contexts is technically inaccurate, it does serve adequately as a shorthand way of denoting any powerful or illegal drug in cases where they are illegally obtained, manufactured or abused. Medically necessary medications should be referred to as specifically “Opiates,” “Benzodiazepines,” or any other proper name as defined by the DEA, etc… ”

      Although medical was informed of this information, they denied that it was factual and refused to listen. They were close-minded and indifferent to the truth. They are certainly apathetic, unsympathetic, unconcerned and un-interested in any other agenda but their own. They are CRUEL and inconsiderate of patients rights and needs!

      Where do these people go for their Pharmaceutical education? I have never been so sick in all of my life. Living in pain, having seizures and severe panic attacks was debilitating and caused great pain and traumatic stress. I now have nightmares about my experience in the Montgomery County Texas Jail.

      I saw one man brought in after being beaten up by law enforcement with a broken jaw requiring 19 screws, denied his pain medications. Although prescribed by his physician, brought in by his family, the medical department refused to help this man. I saw him writhing in pain every day. His request and grievances like mine were ignored. Talking to the nurses and POD officers was met with indifference and inhumane and callous mistreatment.

      What I witnessed in that Jail concerning the treatment of inmates was appalling and certainly against any ethic, law or form of proper justice. This injustice carried out daily by the staff of this Sheriffs department was prejudiced and discriminatory. They totally lack honesty, integrity, fairness and veracity.

      Officer Messetzzer (Sp) was the only officer that took me aside and informed me of my rights. He told me that the medical department was out of line and that I should seek Council when I am released. He agreed that the jail was unfairly treating Disabled Veterans like me. Any disabled person jailed in Montgomery County Jail can only pray to “live” through that horrid painful experience. It is offensive, disgusting and vile!

      Please help the People interned in our County Jail. The statistics on deaths in counties such as this are horrid and revolting.

      Have we become a Third World Country?

    • OMG! Montgomery County Jail Texas is a place right out of a horror film. How can they get away with treating people this way. Sue them… I would. Can’t any help?

    • The medical staff at Montgomery county jail are notoriously callous. While I was there I had a seizure because they were refusing my anti seizure medication. When I had the seizure I fell and hit my head hard. I am fairly certain I received a concussion from the blow but I am not certain because medical made no attempt to check my condition. They did carry me down to medical and gave me one tylenol. After twenty minutes they sent me back to my cell. The inmates there, who society deems bad, took much better care of me than the medical staff.

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