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Lubbock County Detention Center (Jail)

This page is about the The Lubbock County Detention Center or Lubbock County Jail which is located at 3502 North Holly, Lubbock, Texas 79403. Have you been here before? Tell us about it by clicking here. For information on the Lubbock City Jail click here.

Lubbock County Detention CenterHow To Locate An Inmate:

You can call the Lubbock County Detention Center at 806-775-7009 for inmate information. In addition to calling you can also access the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office website to see an active list of individuals in jail or you can see inmates that were booked today or yesterday.

Where Is The Jail Located:

The Lubbock County Jail address is 811 Main St, Lubbock, TX 79401 (near Downtown).

What Time Is The Jail Open:

The jail is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

When Are Visiting Hours:

Visitors can visit with inmates via a video conferencing system at the Lubbock County Detention Center.  Visitation for general population is open 7 days a week from 8:00AM – 9:30PM but the last check in is 9PM.  Visitors can check in once a day and the timed visits last 20 minutes.  For inmates housed in the Orientation Pod and the Special Housing Unit, you must call the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office at 806-775-7009 to see what the visitation schedule is for the week, because those inmates are only allowed two 20 minute visits each week.

What Is The Mail Policy:

You can send mail to an inmate.

Mail should be addressed and sent as follows and must include the sender’s name and address:

Inmate’s full name
Inmate’s assigned SO Number
P.O. Box 10535
Lubbock, Texas 79408

Please note that all incoming correspondence is opened and inspected, so do not mail any contraband. Use common sense when mailing items to your loved one. The follow items are some of the most common items not allowed to be mailed:

  • Packages
  • Polaroid Pictures
  • Pornography/Pornographic Magazines
  • Postage Stamps

Commissary At Lubbock County Detention Center:

Inmates can purchase items from commissary and you can put money on their account.  You can deposit money in person at the kiosk machine located in the main lobby of the Lubbock County Detention Center located at 3502 North Holly, Lubbock, Texas 79403.

Defense Criminal Lawyer Best TexasWhat Is The Phone Call Policy:

Inmates can make phone calls using a P.I.N number they are assigned.  A fee is charged to the inmate phone account for each call made and inmates can transfer funds from their general account to their phone account.

What Is The Website:

You can visit the Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office website here.


  1. I would also like to say every time I go to the detention center to look at my two things I feel like I’m always treated like I’m a criminal as well. What example is when I left my brand new sunglasses up there when I was visiting. When example is when I left my brand new sunglasses up there when I was visiting. I asked about them the next time I came to visit, and the woman officer told me there was no loss and found and no sunglasses in the rudest way possible. Then as I’m leaving is snickering and smiling with her partner working with her. Every time I go I can almost guarantee I will leave that place feeling disrespected either by being ignored, asking a question and only getting rolled eyes in return for answers, or asking another question And getting the same response “I don’t work in that office you’ll have to contact them and I don’t have the number” I mean it’s almost halarious to me just how “backwards” and ignorant some of them really are. I also want to say for the officers who have helped me and been respectful-thank you (you TWO) I still have hope.
    Back to my story-so the third time I visit, I ask about my sunglasses again just because I had a feeling that other officer was lying to me. The officer on duty this time pulled out a lost and found box immediately, and low and behold there on my glasses however she didn’t believe me. She debated for about three minutes, in front of me, looking at me like I was a thief. She looked at me like I was trying to steal them, and asked her work partner what to do making me feel even more embarrassed. I even offered to show her receipt in my email from her about them at Dillards! Eventually, she did finally give them to me but Jeeze it takes a lot of self control and patience for me to deal with a lot of the officers I have encounter throughout the city. I’m not a criminal or a felon but not a stranger to the system through family and friends.
    That’s just a small example of how terrible they treat some of the people who come to see people in jail. I’m not sure if customer service is supposed to be valued at a detention center visitation center I don’t know, but I feel like respect is. I know not everyone that comes into visit an inmate is respectful but I have been respectful in every way possible since I’ve been visiting I’ve been respectful. EXCEPT- I will say this last time, I did comment to one of the officers how rude he was being to me and left it at that. Before yesterday everytime I visit, no matter how judgmental and rude the officers working were to me I was polite and respectful. Out of every officer I delt with visiting only two officers working together the same shift were respectful to me. They even gave me a quarter to lock my things up when I forgot mine. I feel like if they want people to be respectful, they should try and it show it more.

    • You sound like an idiot! i hope you go to jail with your two “things.”
      learn to spell.

  2. Need 2do a surprise drugtest on all sherries& LCDC employees

    • They would likely not have much staff available for supervising the inmates were they to do that.

  3. How long dose it take for an inmate to get a mailed letter.?

    • Receive mail mon-fri 3 days total

  4. How long dose it take for an inmate to get a mailed letter?

  5. I’ve been in jail there once and evidently i learned my lesson its been 5 years. As far as the guards or officers they are just doing their job. Dont want to do the time don’t do the crime. And for those sitting on the free side if the window i wouldnt be judging those around you everyone is there for almost the same reason. Be classy not trashy.

  6. To my baby I’m sorry for everything I truly am I still love you and always will never forget that….

    Wether you like it or not I’ll be there to see you soon

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  8. Can anyone help me with phone calls to the Lubbock County jail. Is the best service to use is the connectnetwork GTL. They charge $2.20 the first minute then .20 every minute after that.

  9. What does ATDC mean on the booking page where it shows the offenders charges

  10. does this even work

  11. I would like to think anything that was said on here actually made a difference. But I think only other people voicing their frustrations are viewing these comments. I would like to believe that the “innocent until proven guilty” was actually still part of our justice system but it isn’t. To believe so is foolish and a waste of time. In order for this to change to being accurate and in order for the treatment of inmates as well as those visiting inmates to change, we must somehow gather together and make a petition that is big enough to be noticed by those elected officials who are capable of making changes. Someone needs to take a look into not only the detention center in Lubbock but the entire police force for this county and city as well. So much is wrong in Lubbock I love the people I have met there but disagree so strongly with the way the courts attempt to “work” in this town. Thank God I moved but the friends I have who are still suffering for a crime they didn’t commit have an unknown length of stay until they go before a judge. Time is precious and time is the one thing this justice system so quickly takes away before knowing the guilt of a person and its the one thing they cannot give back once the truth is known. Sorry doesn’t cut it, not for the failures in the new jail, not for the treatment of the accused in jail, not for the treatment of those visiting inmates, and not for those who’s time has been taken wrongfully.

    • I’m ready to start a petition against the Lubbock County Justice System. “Lubbock” the friendliest rasict city in Texas. I love Lubbock and I’m not even from here I’m from a big city. The one thing that surprised me the most about Lubboc was how dangerous it is and how blanently obvious LP&L monopolizes the entire city. They have there hand in everything. It’s appalling how no one has been able to bring them to justice. I want to sit outside of there building everyday or take shifts with people who also care but I have not had the courage to do it alone yet. I also need to find the right title and method for beginning. Email me if interested please Lubbock is a city I still love but another world in comparison to Dallas /Fort Worth. It is the largest collection (not everyone.*) of narrow minded, bias, prejudice, but ironically friendly people I have ever experienced

  12. My 17 year old son was with Carlos Robles when a shooting accured Carlos phone was phone in victims car Aug 29th 2014 ,5 days later had warrant with no NCIC bond set at $150,000 an Texas never questioned him – my son Mycah was picked up while on juvenile probation n expedited to Texas on his 18the birthday, while Carlos Robles is a known criminal for shootings and texas did NOTHING to him as a accessory ect, wth is he lives in Lubbock but still on Parole , wow really Right is right wrong is wrong. Guilty Until proven innocent well innocent it Will be proven! My child will not take fall for this punk. Idiots get a known felons phone out of victims car n it’s put on a youngster wow makes no sense why my son is in there. 5857918987 my number THIS ISNT RIGHT 3 MONTHS LATER A FED UP MOM I AM GATERING EVIDENCE TO HELP FREE MY SON.

    • Does anyone know how I can get a officer in trouble for pushing paperwork getting my bond money confiscated & me wow thank u for deciding to let me make time served. The bond co will only refund 1/4 of my $ because a dumbass officer made a executive decision for me she believed smarter, none of her business & like I told her would end up costing me just let it post, they supposedly record everything going on and said everywhere in the detention center from Central at all times so there has to be some kind of proof of the things that go on up there so what would it take to actually get somebody to look into that is I guess what the question is for the abuse or whatever that’s going on up there as well as officers make an executive decisions that they have no right to make

  13. Has anyone who has actually been incarcerated in this detention center, specifically in a part of the jail called cluster 3, been abused by the guards in any way? I have a loved one in this jail and the acts of cruelty that these inmates endure on a daily basis, sickens me. And what sickens me even more is the people who commit these acts of cruelty on humans. These guards are sick individuals who should be put away as well. Please share any experience.

    • this just happen to my son I went to visit him yesterday morning and yes he is badly beaten up so I say we need to do something about this now I also got hurt in the process trying to go visit him yesterday morning I broke my arm

    • Helen, I think we were in a meeting when you tried to get to our firm, could you please call us right away at 1-800-672-3911, we need to get the team started on the investigation.

  14. Where can you find what is available through the lubbock county jail care package and is there a website to review what is available

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  16. They say you are innocent until proven guilty but not anymore its your guilty until proven innocent and if you are not proven innocent then you are presumed guilty. I just don’t understand. They are not just hurting the inmates what about all the wives and kids that are out here struggling trying to survive day to day because there income has been ripped away from them.

  17. All I got to say is some of them people in there like my husband are innocent!!!!! So just because someone is in the jail doesn’t mean they deserve to be there. Visitation does suck and the whoe jail system is a big joke. The system period is a joke and I had a PAROLE officer himself tell me that, the system is f***ed! But everyone is to scared of the GOVERNMENT to do anything about it myself included! I just pray for all the families with loved ones in jail and I feel yalls pain! I hope everyones loved ones come home ASAP!!!!

    • I agree, my friend owns a company and had a woman working for him,..after he let her go, she made crazy accusations now he’s sitting there having to wait for court… …its a clear case of her being vendictive,…he’s innocent, but because he’s self employed and has his money tied up in his business, he doesnt have enough to bond out so he’s just having to sit there til it goes to court,….until proven guilty, all rights are required, by law, to remain in tact.

  18. I put money on my husband’s books and commissary never came but once a week…he was with out and the guards there treated him like s*#@ …just cause he is a criminal doesn’t mean to treat them badly…my husband had caught chain and he wasn’t suppose to have gone the judge sent papers saying he was going to parole out of the county jail but no, due to he has a assult on a public police officer they wanted him gone. They refused and refused the judges paper work to buy time so they can send him?

  19. I hate that the new jail only allows you to talk two kids in some men n women have more kids n then they don’t let you switch out kids so they k all see there mom r dad

  20. I turned my self in on a speeding ticket. I sat and watched a staff member book in 3 people in an 8 hour shift all they did was eat or go on brake at least 6 times. I sat for 12:00 hours for it. What a GAINT waste of taxpayer dollars to pay someone to sit and eat for 8:00hrs.Then you listen to Kelle Rowe talk about respect got to give alittle to get it .I want a refund on my taxpayer dollars.Maybe we need to reevaluate what kind of service that the staff performs!!!!!!!!!!!And the visits suck for families and inmates a like. Wished I had spent my tax dollars on something better . Or at least vote for someone who spends them better. I’m just saying makes you think huh

    • Need to do a surprise drugtest on all LCDC sherries& employees

  21. This is a horrible place, it takes away many rights of the immates, but no one can complain because they will feel repurcussiions, the visitation check in most of the time have 2 people and only one checking in visitors, the other is on the phone or on break. The visiting stations are hard to listen into and it takes forever for the immate to come to be called to the phone. BUT who do you complain to? Who would listen? The family is also paying for the inmates mistake, we have to drive all the way out there, have to worry about the machines working to put money in, and then they charge us for it, the care packages are very limited and take forever to get delivered! NOT A GOOD PLACE for inmate or families. Sheriff Rowe needs to do something about it!

    • You got to remember Maria they are there due to a crime. Your comfort is not something they care about. It does suck and it is a joke that so much money was spent. Not much of a difference from the old jail downtown.

    • And Maria, you wouldnt have to be complaining if that inmate would have not committed a crime. You wouldn’t be visiting those places. And i agree with Anonymous, they don’t care . My opinion its d inmate fault. And if d inmate didnt think of his loved ones why should the facility..

    • We are all human and make mistakes! People do bad things because they are hurt! There sins are no worse than ours and they should be treated with dignity!

    • Inmates aren’t there because they committed a crime, inmates are there because they were accused of committing a crime. …i know “every inmate claims to be innocent” but i do know that some of them really are. ….Lubbock County is really bad about labeling people.

  22. Today was the first day I went to see an inmate. I had to sit right beside another person. I couldn’t hear well because of it. I also had a very bad connection, it was hard to hear. I guess I should have asked to move to a different station. Overall it wasn’t a very good experience.

  23. I accidentally blocked the number from the correctional facility. I called my phone carrier, the detention center and 713 number nobody can help me umblock it…. anyone know what to do?????

    • Try calling 800-483-8314 😉

  24. if I have a complaint,it’s this;it takes 4-5 minutes after the phone is off the hook for the screen to come on ! for as much as the taxpayers had to pay for that facility,you would think,and expect,those monitors to work much,much faster !!!

  25. I dnt know know why any of this is a surprise to anybody in the first place! How long did the jail stay vacant when it was first built? It’s a business, nothing more and nothing less! For every inmate that is in there they receive federal and state funding per individual. The better staffed it is, the less money they make!! If it were, indeed, a “corrections” facility, then the same amount of effort would be put into getting them out as is being put into getting them in!! C’mon folks, why else would there be a quota for arrests, convictions, and beds filled, but not inmates rehabilitated??

  26. Lubbock County has a grievance procedure that’s basically a joke; the guards have total control. I was recently an inmate there and was told by a Sergeant Young that if a guard told me to stand on my head then I should do just that and being a working inmate is a joke, John Dear only allows Hispanics and whites do shoe shine & visitation cleaning unless you’re a likable looking african American; there are young women in there with no morals or self respect for themselves. I did my time by the grace of God!

    • I agree with you. I just got out and my grievances were basically ignored. Lubbock county jail is a joke and run by many people who have a power trip. And medical is a joke too, it’s hard getting pass the paramedics who think they are doctors.

    • Elaine, I would love to talk to you about your experience in Lubbock County jail for a story I’m working for the Avalanche-Journal. Can you email me at

  27. Well i turned myself in but my tickets were over a thousand dollars but the judge droped them to four hundred and ran them concurrent only stayed for six days but booking is long and the guards be barely coming in and already be sitting on there butt eating doing nothing but talking shame when u jus getting to work

  28. would like to know what the website is to puchase a inmate care package? and also if you can deposit fund online to their account? and just another question i have most jails consider how far the family is coming then determines the amount of time for visitation. Why is it that lubbock county is the one that dont. I drove my children three hours to see their father for a 20 minute visit. Keep in mind i arrived around 2:45 and didnt get to see him till approximately 4:30. It made for a long day with two children under the age of four.I was kinda upset about that but it is what it is i suppose. But i also want to add staff working visitation were very friendly and helpful.

    • The care packages are a joke I ordered on October 17 didn’t get shipped til the 21st and still not handed out i think there is a law I’m trying ti figure out as my l/o said there are alot of them not getting them may contact news stations’the website is access corrections to put money on books

    • the inmate packages are a joke I ordered mine on the 17th of October it was sent out on the 21st they’re still holding it along with several othersI’m looking in to see if there’s anything that can be done legally going to contact the news station as well as far as a website for adding money its access corrections but be very careful when you put your debit card information in

  29. i went in today and it really irritated me that there were female inmate trusties cleaning the area but they were talking loud and laughing, they kept looking at my screen and others too, it was very disturbing i couldnt even enjoy the only 20 minutes i had with my husband. when i walked out they were cleaning the front doors and were still laughing and talking loud.

    • They dont know better. Thats why they are cleaning don’t know how to act professional.

  30. Ever time I make a visit im sitting next to someone when there 40 something stations open and there just listening waiting for their someone

  31. I hate that most of the women visitors feel like they have to talk as loud as they can at the video screen. No one else wants to hear what you have to say to your felon husband. The rest of us want to hear our own conversations.

    • Don’t go visit, dumba**!

    • I am going

  32. I hate that when an inmate is sick, they have to wait days for medical attention. My friend was an inmate and lost 50lbs in 2 weeks because he couldn’t stop throwing up. All he got was one peptoBisomal tablet in the 2 weeks he was sick.

    • Lisa, Do you think your friend would talk to me for a story I’m working for the Avalanche-Journal? I’m looking for people who can share their experiences in Lubbock County jail. Please email me at

    • Yes medical stuff is really a joke!! Does anyone know if a inmate is suppost to be charged for prescriptions?? My husband is a veteran and is on disability, he has and doesn’t pay for prescriptions at home.. They are charging him with every pill they give him.. I don’t think that’s right..

  33. I really dislike it when i go to visit an inmate and there is 40 stations and all five visitors as placed in the side by side.

    • the new Lubbock county detention center was obviously paid for by OUR tax dollars and who ever was paid to install phones and monitors was given JUNK !you go up there and more than half the phones have so much static people can’t understand what each other is saying.Today I went up there and NOW more than half the monitors don’t work ! I think OUR TAX DOLLARS were badly mismanaged ! this is the SOLE response of LUBBOCK COUNTY to correct!with the unreal prices inmates are being charged for food and essentials,they can afford to fix these problems correctly!

    • i love my girlfriend Jessica oh so very i think about her everyday

    • ohhh really

    • Yea that’s stupid!!! They have like 40 on one side 56 on the other.. I or u or the inmate may not want the other people to hear our convos


    • Would someone please tell me how I find my cousins s/o # ? They returned my letter for no #. Only number I found is the booking number. This place is poorly mamaged.


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