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Kaufman County Jail

This page is about the Kaufman County Jail located in Kaufman, Texas. Have you been here before? Tell us about it by clicking here.

Kaufman County JailHow Do You Locate An Inmate:

The easiest way to locate an inmate is by clicking here. You can also contact the jail by telephone at 972-932-4337 or in person at 1900 E. US Hwy. 175 Kaufman, TX.

Where Is The Jail Located:

The Jail is located at the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office at 1900 E. US Hwy. 175 Kaufman, TX.

What Time Is The Jail Open:

The Kaufman County Jail is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

When Are Visiting Hours:

Visiting hours for Kaufman County Jail vary by gender and pods.  Male inmates from A and C pod friends. Male inmates from A & C pod have visitation hours Sunday from 1PM-14PM and Wednesday 7PM-10PM. Male inmates from B pod are allotted Thursday visiting hours from 7PM-10PM and Saturday 7PM-10PM. Female inmates from D pod are given Tuesday at 7PM-10PM and Saturday from 1PM-4PM.

Defense Criminal Lawyer Best TexasWhat Do I Need To Visit An Inmate:

To visit an inmate you will need a valid photo identification, such as a Driver’s License or a Texas State Identification Card. If visitors are younger then 17, you must come on a designated day. Visitors under 17 wishing to visit a female inmate must come on Saturdays and for male inmates, Sundays. Visitors must be dressed appropriately in order to obtain a visitor pass.

What Items Can I Bring To A Prisoner:

The only items acceptable to bring for a prisoner include money orders and prescription eyeglasses.

Once An Inmate Has Been Released Where Can I Pick Him Up:

You can pick an inmate up at 1900 E. US Hwy. 175 Kaufman, TX upon being released.

What Is The Website:

The Kaufman County Jail website is vague and does not provide much information.  A direct phone call at 972-932-4337 is always helpful. You can click here.  


  1. Jail is full of bs never going back to Kaufman county have to wait bout 3 months to go to court 4 a mesdeamenaor

  2. Full of alot of cow manure period…

  3. The phone system is a joke. You get inside and the only people your allowed to make a call to is a bondsman untill you have an account set up and already deposited money into thtst account to make calls. Most people go to jail unexpectedly and dont have a prepaid account set up already so pretty your screwed till that’s done. It won’t allow you make a collect call to anyone except a bondsman. Crazy!


  5. What inmates are not allowed visitors


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