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Hunt County Jail in Greenville, Texas

This page is dedicated to the Hunt County Jail in Greenville, Texas

Jail Information

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The Hunt County Jail,

How do you locate an inmate?

To locate a loved one or friend at the Hunt County Jail, call the Sherrif’s Office at 903-453-6851, you can see an inmate listing here

Where is the Hunt County Jail Located?

The address for the jail is 2801 Stuart St. Greenville, Texas 75401

When are visiting hours for inmates at the Hunt County Jail?

Sunday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00-4:30 PM

Each inmate is allowed two 20-minute visits per week.

Any age is allowed to visit. Children under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

All adult visitors must have a government-issued ID.

No items will be accepted during visitation

Attorneys can visit at any time.

Clergy can visit at any time except on visitation days. They must register to visit during visitation days.

What do I need to visit an inmate?

You will need a government issued Identification.

How can I give an inmate at Hunt County Jail money?

Money can be deposited in 3 ways.

Call toll free 866-345-1884

Or make a deposit at the visitation lobby


Cashier check and money orders are only accepted to pay for an inmate’s fines or to make a cash bond.

How can I send mail to an inmate at Atascosa County Jail?

Please address mail to an inmate at the Hunt County Jail:

Inmate full name – SO#

Hunt County Jail

2801 Stuart St.

Greenville, Texas 75401

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