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This page is about the Houston City Jail’s including the Central and Southeast Jails. For information on the Harris County Jail click here. Have you been here before? Tell us about it by clicking here.

Houston Police Department City JailsHow Do You Locate An Inmate in Houston City Jail:

To find an inmate in Houston’s City Jail, click here.

Click on New search. Enter the person’s name or date of birth into the appropriate boxes on the web page. If only the name is known, use that. If only the last name is known, several possibilities will appear. You can scroll through them until you find the name you are looking for.

Click on the person’s name to find out which jail that person is located. Note that person’s Arrest Number. This is the person’s ID number as they go through the Jail system. Scroll through the information to find the charge, bond, and etc.

If an arrested person is under the age of 17 years, please see How do I find a person under the age of 17? listed below.

After 24 hours of booking, the prisoner is transferred to the Harris County jail if the charge is a Class B Misdemeanor or above offense. (DWI, Aggravated Assault, Robbery, Burglary, etc.)

Once a prisoner is transferred to the Harris County Jail, they will no longer appear on this website. A time period of up to three hours may transpire before that person shows up on the Harris County Jail website. Please be patient.

How do I find a person under the age of 17 or if a minor arrested by Houston Police?

If an arrested person is under the age of 17 years, they will not be in the City or County Jails. They will be at the Houston Police Department Juvenile Division – phone number 832-394-1828.

How Do I Get Someone Released From Jail or Post Bond at Houston City Jail:

1. Obtain the bond amount from the Jail website, in person at the Jail or the Jail Information Line. (713-247-5400 / 713-837-0311)

2. Print the page from the Jail website or write down the prisoner’s Jail location, Arrest Number, name and date of birth. Note the correct Jail (Central or Southeast).

3.Make a cash bond at the following offices or contact a Bail/Bond agency of your choice: For City of Houston municipal charges, transactions are made at the Municipal Courts Address: 1400 Lubbock Houston, TX 77002 phone: 713-837-0311. (24/7) Municipal charges only.

You can have more information about this on

For Harris County Charges transactions are made at the Harris County Bonding Office: 49 San Jacinto Houston, TX 77002 phone: 713-755-8040. (24/7) A or B Misdemeanors or Felonies.

For warrants or detainers placed on persons from other agencies such as federal, out of state, or other county and municipalities, contact that particular agency for instructions.

4. Bring the bond papers to the appropriate jail and give them to the Jailer at the Bonding Window OR contact the Bail/Bondsman of your choice to handle the process.

What happens if an inmate is NOT bonded out of Houston City Jail?

If the person is not bonded out of jail before going to court, that person will stay in jail until his or her court date. If the case is adjudicated, a fine or jail time may be imposed by the court. If a person is bonded out of jail before going to court, they will be told when to appear in court to answer the charge against them. If that person fails to appear in court after bonding out, the bond will be forfeited and a warrant for arrest will be issued by the judge. If the person is charged with a crime handled in the Harris County Court System he or she will be transferred to the Harris County Jail usually within 24 hours.

Where Is The Houston City Jail Located:

Houston City Jail (Central) is located at 61 Riesner, Houston, Texas 77002.

Houston City Jail (Southeast) is located at 8300 Mykawa, Houston, Texas 77048.

What Time Is The Jail Open:

Both jails are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

When Are Visiting Hours at Houston City Jail:

Visiting hours are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, with exceptions for a meal and court times. This is rare since most jails have specific times. But be sure that your inmate is still at the Houston City Jail and is not at the Harris County Jail. Also, if they are in the Houston City Jail system, make sure you know if your loved one is at the Central or Southeast Jail before going to visit.

What Do I Need To Visit An Inmate:

To visit an inmate, you will need the prisoner’s Arrest Number, found by clicking here and a valid photo identification. All visitors must be at least 21 years old.

Jail Policy for Visitation

1. Maybe done 24/7 except for court and meal times. If the prisoner is a “Jail Trusty”, the visit may be denied or delayed if the prisoner is on a work assignment.
2. Obtain the prisoner’s Arrest Number, name, and date of birth by using this Jail website. Note the correct Jail location.
3. Go to that Jail. If the prisoner is available, a visit will be allowed.
4. The visitor must bring valid identification. A jail supervisor must review ALL requests from visitors under 17 years of age. If the visitor has a warrant for arrest, the visitor will be arrested.
5. If the visitor and the prisoner had previously been involved in an altercation or domestic violence incident, the visit will not be allowed.

Permission to gain access to the Housing Floor(s) for prisoner visitation purpose will be restricted to:

a. Immediate family members including common-law-spouses
b. Attorney(s) who represent the prisoner
. Business associates
. Close friends attempting to post bond for a prisoner
. Physicians
. Clergyman
. Officials of police or government agencies

What Is The Phone Call Policy at Houston City Jail:

Telephones are available for the prisoner’s use. However, they do not connect directly to your home or cellular phone. When a prisoner calls a home landline phone, it is treated as a collect call and appropriate fees will be charged by the service provider. If the prisoner calls a cellular phone, an account must be set up prior to the connection going through and there will be a cost. Please refer to for additional information.

Defense Criminal Lawyer Best TexasWhere Are Impound Vehicles Are Stored:

f you believe your vehicle has been towed, call 713-308-8580. This is the Wrecker Tow Line. Or go to the website and click on “Find My Towed Car”. You can search for your vehicle by license plate or by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Jail Tips:

There are two jails for the city of Houston, Central Jail and Southeast Jail. Most inmates are transferred to the Harris County Jail within a few days. So if you cannot find them at the Central or Southeast Jail, visit Harris County Jail information site.

What Is The Website:

You can view the website by clicking here.


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