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Galveston County Jail in Galveston, Texas

This page is about the Galveston County Jail located in Galveston, Texas. Have you been here before? Tell us about it by clicking here.

Galveston County JailHow Do You Locate An Inmate:

You can locate an inmate online by Clicking Here or over the telephone at 409-766-2315.

Where Is The Jail Located:

The Galveston County Jail is located at 5700 Avenue H Galveston, TX.

What Time Is The Jail Open:

The Galveston County Jail is open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

When Are Prisoners Arraigned:

Prisoners are arraigned immediately after arriving to the jail.

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When Are Visiting Hours:

Visiting hours for the Galveston County Jail visitation are organized by clusters.

Clusters Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday
B/D/E/I/ Female Pods 8:00AM-10:40AM1:15PM-3:40PM6:00PM-7:15PM 8:00AM-10:40AM1:15PM-3:40PM6:00PM-7:15PM 8:00AM-10:40AM1:15PM-3:40PM6:00PM-7:15PM 8:00AM-10:40AM


Clusters Tuesday Thursday Sunday Saturday
C/F/G/H/K/M 8:00AM-10:40AM1:15PM-3:40PM6:00PM-7:15PM 8:00AM-10:40AM1:15PM-3:40PM6:00PM-7:15PM 8:00AM-10:40AM1:15PM-3:40PM 1:15PM-3:40PM


Galveston County Jail Visitation Guidelines

  • Visitation Parking is very limited.  Arrive early and park in designated parking areas only.  Violators will be ticketed or towed.
  • 1 Visit per day, 2 visits per week, and 2 visitors per visit.
  • 1 Child allowed with an adult.
  • You shall not visit more than one inmate per day.
  • Children shall not be left unattended in the Jail Visitation Lobby.
  • Persons 16 years or older shall have Proper Identification.
  • Visitation is monitored.
  • Cell Phones and other electronics that can photograph and record audio or video are not permitted in the Front Lobby Visitation Area
  • No Photography of Inmate Visitation without the approval of Corrections Bureau Administration.
  • Do not exchange visitors.
  • Do not visit with other inmates.
  • No swimwear or revealing clothing.  Ask, if in doubt about the Standards of Dress.
  • Visitors of Inmates will NOT be permitted to have cell phones or camera’s in the Jail Visitation Lobby.  If you are going to visit an inmate at the Galveston County Jail, make arrangements to leave your cell phone in your vehicle or at home.
  • Proper attire is required.  When in doubt, ask before your visit.
  • Any disruptive behavior by a visitor and/or their guests is Just Cause for a visitor to lose all visitation rights.
  • If any of the above are observed, your visit shall be terminated.

Attorney Visits:

Galveston County Jail Visitation: Attorneys may visit their inmate clients from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm unless securing inmates release.

What Do I Need To Visit An Inmate:

For Galveston County Jail Visitation you will need to bring a valid form of photo identification if 16 years of age or older. All visitors must dress appropriately. Inmates are allowed 1 visit per day and 2 visits per week, with 2 visitors per visit.

What Items Can I Bring To A Prisoner:

You are not allowed to bring items for prisoners.

How can I leave money for an inmate in Galveston County Jail?

To leave money for an inmate in Galveston County Jail, click here.

Galveston County Commissary / Telephone / Inmate Accounting Services are a privilege. Commissary and telephone privileges are offered to every inmate regardless of status (with the exception of those Inmates in a Lockdown or certain Medical Status).

To deposit money in person at the Galveston County Jail, you may access the lobby kiosk to deposit cash for an offender 24 hours a day.

The Kiosk at the Galveston County Jail is located in the Jail Lobby at:
5700 Ave H
Galveston, Texas 77551
The entrance to the Jail is located on Ave H, between 54th Street and 59th Streets in Galveston, Texas

The kiosk accepts $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills.

Money can be deposited in the lobby for the Offender’s Commissary Account or for the Offender’s Telephone Account for the offender telephone system.

What Is The Phone Call Policy:

You can fund an inmate’s phone account by clicking here. An inmate at Galveston County Jail will be able to use their phone account to make calls.

Once you leave funds for the inmate those funds become the property of the inmate.

Inmates are capable to make calls through a pre-paid phone card or collect. Conversations have a 15 minute limit. Pre- paid phone calls do not allow the inmate to call cell phones.

What Is The Website:

You can view the website by clicking here.

Tips for family and loved ones of inmates in Galveston County Jail.


Galveston County Inmate Mail Services. The address for inmates to receive Inmate Mail Services is:

Galveston County Jail
Inmates Name / Booking #
5700 Avenue H
Galveston, Texas 77551-4137

  • An inmate may only receive 4 photographs in their mail.  Inmates are only allowed 4 photographs total in their possession.  Extra photographs will be placed on the inmate’s property.
  • Inmates may not receive cards that contain plastic or that are laminated.  Musical cards or cards containing metal will not be accepted.
  • Inmates may not receive mail that contains telephone cards.

Do not send Mail with Money Orders enclosed, it will be returned.


Galveston County Inmate Publication Services. The address for inmates to receive Inmate Publication Services is:

Galveston County Jail
Inmates Name / Booking #
5700 Avenue H
Galveston, Texas 77551-4137

  • An inmate SHALL only receive publications from a Authorized Publisher or Authorized Distributor of published material.  Online Merchants, such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc may be used.
  • Books SHALL NOT be mailed from a brick and mortar store.  Publications shall be ordered via a Authorized Publisher or Distributor, and shipped via their respective distribution or fulfillment center.  Inmates are only allowed enough publications which fit in their issued publication box.  Extra publications will be mailed home or destroyed.  The publication will not be placed in an inmates property.
  • Inmates may not receive hard back publications.


Galveston County Inmates have use of the ITI telephone system. Inmates will follow the Deputies instructions at all times in regards to telephone usage. Telephone usage is a privilege. Inmates should be advised of the following information if they have questions.

  • Inmates have 2 ways to call out – collect and pre-paid phone card.d.
  • Both ways allow the inmates to talk for up to 15 minutes.
  • Collect calls do not allow the inmates to call certain numbers, including cell phone numbers.
  • Pre-paid phone cards do allow inmates to call cell phones.
  • Calls can be made internationally and with the continental U.S.
  • Three-way call attempts will automatically alert the phone system and the call will be terminated.
  • If the dial pad is touched during a call, even accidentally, the call will be terminated.
  • The same restrictions apply to both collect and pre-paid phone card.
  • Pre-paid phone cards are ordered through Commissary only.
  • Money is placed on the phone card each weekday after 4:30pm if at all possible.
  • If a pre-paid phone card is lost or stolen, it must be reported to the administration as soon as possible.
  • Inmate Telephone Inc. (ITI), the inmate phone system, will not refund or replace money for a card that is stolen.
  • If an inmate is found in possession of a phone card that does not belong to them, it should be confiscated immediately and returned to the owner or to Administration. .
  • Pre-paid phone card money is not transferable to another inmate or another agency.
  • To block a call from an inmate in the Galveston County Jail, please listen to the entire message and follow the prompts.

To setup prepaid calling accounts for an inmate at Galveston County Jail please call 888-949-3303 or visit ConnectNetwork


  1. I coming from San Antonio Texas and want to visit my son at Galveston county jail but I can not because the schedule for visit is full what I can do

    • Idalia, please call the Sheriff’s Office at (409) 766-2300, or fill out this contact form I believe for visitors and loved ones that are related that they will make special exception when you need to travel a great distance, but this is something you will need to set up in advance if they are willing.

  2. I cant find an inmates booking number. Do i need that to qrite to them?!?! If so how do i find it?? I found the inmate on the galveston county website but no number

    • Did you ever find this info out? Thanks!

    • SOLVED!

    • I looked at Galveston County Jail – “locate an inmate” I do not see the inmate number. I can see arrest date and charges etc. but I would like to write a letter and I am not sure how to do that. If you have any advice I’d appreciate it.

    • Cheryl, you are correct! Wow… I have sent some requests to see about getting those things listed, in the meantime, I will refer you to call 409-766-2315 and let them know that you need the Booking #.


  3. I was told by a deputy in order to visit a jnmate in pod H1 that i would need to pre register and get a confirmation number online? Does anyone know where exactly this website is ?

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  5. Does Galveston county run a warrant check if u go visit an inmate?


  6. Glaveston Count Jail Commissary does not have a very good method. You cannot find the right links to go on. Please fix this problem.

  7. This I think:prisons shouldn’t be privately owned; there’s an agreement between the states and prison owners— that they be kept at 90℅ occupied by prisoners. I’ve done time, and one thing I learned was—stay outta there!!! Otherwise, trying to change them by complaining is a waste of time. The real struggle is in educating each other on non-violent problem-solving. I’ve visited many jails and prisons, and I learned to speak softly, gracefully, and non-demanding. It’s this simple!


    • Well if your gonna try to say anything make sure you know how to spell. And yes this jail is horrible. Half the guards are bringing in drugs etc. To the inmates.As well as letting inmates fight with no authority all they do is sit on there god damn phone or computer and get paid good ass money. They are screwing the taxpayer. Yes I understand people are there for bad crimes, but also there is people there for petty tickets like traffic fines and child support. So get it together GCJ.
      Kenny pimpmasterflex

    • I totally agree. Then you have to set up a online account that is not working half the time. Called them about it and where rushing me telling me that contract is through T that County and thereviscnothing they can do about it call the 800 number for help with that, well they never answer the damn phone. Trying to put money on my nephews books on line,mwhich it says you can,Mobutu when I go to it it’s a list of form to be printed out. Gives no option to do it from home online. I do not there and I just can’t run there. I’m fighting cancer and these people are no help. Very rude, no heart at all. That’s there job to try and answer questions.

  9. Staff at the Galveston county jail are not any better then the people who get locked up. They antagonize the inmate’s in the holding cell and stoop down to level of pettyness for their own amusement and are unprofessional with little disregard n stereotype and verbally excersise racial deguaortory comments about imnates in the holding cells.I personally can say bc ive witnessed it.for whatever reason that people get arrested for is enough shame and embarrassment on ourselves and doesn’t help when you have these officer’s demand respect but in the same breath can’t even meet the bar of professionalism and at least some ample amount of humanity and integrity. But hey this will continue to happen bc most of them feel they are superior and their position of power has their heads so far up their assess! !! With an exceptional of a selected few I appreciate and commend you for your professionalism but something needs to be done or retraining on their social and protocol or basic human etiquette skills

  10. If your out on pre trail are you allowed to visit an inmate at Galveston jail

  11. Does Galveston county jail do any dental?

  12. How do I send a care package to someone,am I allowed to send photos to an inmate?

  13. Please don’t let Leland Reed out he has ru end my friends life. I thought 3 strikes and your out and He does Meth and other drugs.

  14. Please don’t let Leland M.Reed out.Leland does Meth and he did 10 years in prison and I heard this was his 3rd Strike. Please put him in Prison forever!!!

  15. I have been going to this jail since April 2015 to visit my son; sometimes the guards are nice and sometimes they aren’t. Visitation seems to move quicker now that they use the “numbering” system.
    Most TV monitors have been replaced with computer monitors and are clearer but not all of them are working. The jail lobby has always been clean but the ladies room is another story!

  16. Galveston county jail sucks, no matter how you spin it inside and out. Some gaurds are nice some assholes thats anywhere you go though. Just expect to be treated like a hard core criminal rather your sitting out tickets, got a charge or visiting someone you love. Treat themhow they treat you!!!

  17. Some of the staff members are very helpful and even nice i would say.. but there are a couple of guards who are rude. They take forever. And they treat me like im the criminal.. i didnt commit the crime why am i be treated like i did.. im just trying to visit my boyfriend and Every time i go i get asked are you wearing shorts ?? No i always have jeans on. I get told my shirt is too thin ???? I get stared at to the point im uncomfortable. I just dont understand why im treated like this.. Once again I didn’t commit a crime. My record is all types of clean so just let me see my boyfriend without unnecessary wrong treatment.

  18. Galveston County Jail System is all about making money. It has nothing to do with justice.

  19. I bonded my fiance out at 10:30am from Galveston County Jail. I have now been waiting for 5 1/2 hours for him to be released. I called the bondsman so they could check on his status. They were told that they were waiting on relief for a depuy so they could bring him down to booking to do his release paperwork. This place is a joke! It just hoes to show that the state government employees are lazy, inefficient and obviously way to comfortable thinking their job is secure. I wonder who reviews and rates their performance????? Should be the the tax payers who pay their salaries!!!!! If I was this slow and inefficient I would have been fired a long time ago. They obviously don’t know how things work in the real world! So, I’m still waiting on fiancee release; wonder how long this will actually take them……

  20. Went for one visit . Went smooth . Maybe because it was Mon afternoor . Staff was helpful.

  21. Why does it take so long to get booked in. These people are slow and never give you a correct answer. I would be fired if I worked that slow

  22. Galveston County jail personnel and staff are a piece of *&^%. I can’t believe I pay taxes to help pay someone’s salary who doesn’t even attempt to do their job half ass right. Jesus or Hurricane Ike when are you coming back?

  23. Just spent the better part of ten hours in this shit hole they call Galveston County. Got booked in on a warrant from a different County from three years ago that has already been taken care. The jailers at County are sub human. I feel bad for the people close to them because deep down, they are sadistic scumbags who get off on watching others suffer. So don’t expect to be treated like a human at this jail, the bologna is as close to cat food you can get. Six hours after you get dropped off, you get two two minute calls better make em count. I’ve met many officers who treated me with respect, but I’ve never experienced such terrible people running a place besides here.

    • How much is it a day in Galveston like hard I county counts 2 for 1…is it the same?

  24. Rude and lazy!

  25. I have been a visitor at the jail providing weekly meetings for about 9 months. The deputies on the side that do not process visitation visitors process volunteer visitors like me, among their other duties. I know that they have other duties because sometimes I must wait also. While I wait I observe them providing service for our tax dollars, to address some comments which expressed concern about that. I visit other correctional facilities as well which provides me a comparison ability. Galveston County Jail is clean, really clean and not all facilities are so well maintained. The guards, the majority of them, treat people respectfully, and that includes inmates. Perhaps a little respect and patience from the many who stand in line for the ones on the other side of the counter will help both sides. Thanks to all the officers who make our jail what it is, a safe place to visit.

    • There’s always one blowing sunshine. If you don’t recognize a problem it’ll never be fixed. You’re the only one that feels that way maybe you’re part of the problem. There really needs to be some community oversight in order to control the bad attitudes.

    • Ass kisser!

  26. I was in galveston county jail not too long ago and the officers were Not that bad.the food is nasty but what do you expect my fiance is also in there and I hate that I have to visit him Through a monitor.he has been in there over 8 months waiting for lab results so if you go to galveston county jail bond out or you will be sitting there for a yearfor no reason

    • Hey

    • Did they give him time served

  27. I recently went to go visit my friend for the second time. The first time it went well the people at the front desk were really nice and there was a woman asking if anyone was there for the first time so I could be put on his visitation list. The monitor and sound worked fine, gave us a warning before they shut it off. This second time I went though the monitor shut off without a warning. There was also some woman basically yelling at the damn monitor and they didn’t say anything to her. I always arrive right at 8 am so I’ve never had to wait but I did notice this last time that there are wayy more broken monitors than ones that are functioning. Like less than 1o but they have about 40.

  28. I went to go visit an inmate and only one person checking in the visitors which is the worse. They move way to slow and it’s not fair that when you do get there way ahead of time visitation is almost over then they want to cut you off because they say visitation is almost over. Something needs to be done. There is no way this is where taxpayers money goes to. Half the monitors are broke or you can’t hear or see the inmate. What a disgrace ! Instead of hiring a bunch of kids they need to be fixing the equipment. If you go to Harris county at least there is five check in lines and they are more helpful.

  29. My son has been here for almost 4 months. He has yet to see his court appointed attorney. he has called/written this man and still nothing. I have called the jail and aint nobody has anything to this how you all conduct business. I understand that he shouldn’t be there in the first place but geez…handle it in the manner that should be

    • My friend also has a court appointed lawyer and they were in Brazoria county and now at Galveston County, the court appointed attorneys do not listen and will not call you or email you. Remember they get paid by the state so they are milking all the can from them. Have your son write a letter to the courts and see it that helps. That’s what help my friend.

    • Amen Momma! Our State Appointed, (so called), Lawyers Are Not giving Inmates, (Our Loved Ones), A fair shake! We The People are Paying their Salrey’s. Why don’t our Judges take notice? Are they too busy as well? We The People Are About to Vote. I believe that whatever you do, whether at Work or Home, You should do it as if your “Boss or Whomever is looking upon You”, You should do it to the best of your ability! “What goes around comes back around”! Think on it!

    • Amen Momma! Our State Appointed, (so called), Lawyers Are Not giving Inmates, (Our Loved Ones), A fair shake! We The People are Paying their Salrey’s. Why don’t our Judges take notice? Are they too busy as well? We The People Are About to Vote. I believe that whatever you do, whether at Work or Home, You should do it as if your “Boss or Whomever is looking upon You”, You should do it to the best of your ability! “What goes around comes back around”! Think on it!

    • Amem Momma! What’s wrong with the Justice System? The reason this Country is so great is because; We, The People have rights! How come it’s okay for The State Appointed Lawyers to not do their Jobs to the best of their ability, and get away with it? They have been paid by the very Person they’re (so called), Defending! Our Tax Dollars are not being used correctly, it seems like it gives People working for the State too much Power and its gone to their Heads! We The People aren’t being Represented with Justice! Or treated right waiting in line at Visitation to see our Loved Ones, and They/We haven’t broken the Law! Why doesn’t the Judge take notice of the flaky Statd Appointed Attorney’s? I know they see what’s going on. Are they just too busy to take notice? P’shaw. Our Judges didn’t get to sit in that Seat by being Stupid. Well, it’s about time to Vote! Judges take heed! EVERY TAX PAYING CITIZEN, GET OUT AND VOTE! STUDY WHAT’S GOING ON! GOOGLE IT OR WATCH TV. GO TO THE LIBRARY AND GET ON THE INTERNET, BUT DO YOUR DUTY AND VOTE!

  30. These people that work at our Galveston County Jail are very rude they look at you and make you also feel like a criminal like you’ve done something really blows me away because out on the streets they are probably bigger mess ups then what I ever thought about beingthey are what you call fake people hypocrites our world is made up of themGalveston County Jail is also very dirty stinks really bad

    • I agree 100% very rude lazy dirty cops. There was a time where I had asked for some socks for my feet were freezing cold .. The sherrif looked at me as he is demanding me to do what he was asking and replies shut the * up or I’ll have some b* pull your hair. I was speechless and scared. I was being treated like dirt and was only there BC of no insurance. Someone needs to do something. Those sheriffs enjoy to see us suffer.

  31. Need new screens so you can see the inmate.

  32. I went to visit my wife with my sister in law and her new born. He was only 2 weeks old and the counted him as a visitor so I wasn’t able to see my wife that day and the girl wouldn’t even let me walk by the monitor for a second. She made a robot sound at my request and said. That’s a negative. I sat down felt like crying and I could hear her feel joyful at the expense of my misery.

    • A tiny baby like that should not count as a visitor AT ALL! Rediculous!

  33. For a texas county jail I think the employees are pretty helpfull to visitors.As compared to Harris they are great.

    • That officers job was to keep an eye out on the visitors (looking for gang members, wanted drug dealers, weapons)in line. In case you haven’t seen the news lately, people are killing cops for the hell of it.He was watching his partners back, because for some reason friends& family are often under the influence when the visit. Many times they get violent because they can’t follow the rules and are told to leave or for whatever reason they can’t visit, because they are on probation for felonies etc… I think the most stupid visitor I ever witnesses had a warrants for murder, theft, possession of an illegal weapon, home invasion and gang activity. Remember he’s watching out for you too & may also be watching cameras aimed at the people outside in line. YOU SHOULD THANK HIM FOR RISKING HIS LIFE! He’s not paid to be nice to you. They don’t have to let you visit, it’s done as a courtesy.

    • SORRY ! Put the other reply under the wrong comment. You are very right Harris County is horrible.

  34. Tried sending a book to an inmate…and made sure it wasn’t from a person address. Ordered it specifically from Amazon, but apparently they will not deliver hardcover books. Make sure it is a softcover if you send literature.

    • Thx for posting this info., I didn’t know.

    • What address did you send the book to. Is it the same address you use to send letters to or is it a different address for sending books and the sort?

  35. I went to visit my grandson on Thur. nite. Two people were at the check-in desk a man and a woman. Only the woman was checking in people. The line waiting was wrapped around the room. I asked the man why only one person was checking in people and he rudely replied that that was the procedure otherwise it would be too confusing. As far as I could tell he was doing nothing except writing something down about every thirty minutes and told one woman that she could not talk on on her cell phone in the lobby. When we were finally processed, we waited another 20 minutes for a monitor. Altogether 2 hours. I am not a criminal and your Texas literature tells us that visits are good for the inmates. I don’t think that this procedure encourages visitation. And how much are our taxpayers paying this man that does little or nothing. I sure hope he is a volunteer who needs to learn to be courteous. Is this our county government at work?

    • Yes it is… We pay them real good to do nothing… My sin been in since Monday morning and I still haven’t see him because of there way of doing thing..

    • I know this same man my son is there and on several occasions he has also been very rude as though I was a criminal becauseI asked a question and thought I may get an answer but that was above his pay grade I suppose

    • Hum!How much of my hard earned taxes are going to keep your son locked up? I believe even short term inmates should be given a military cot a tent and a Porta-Potty with a shower. Hard labor everyday would be great along with mandatory sentences for most crimes, none of this well lets put shit off forever & try to make deals which just cost tax payers even more for the court appointed attorneys and all the resets and paperwork. BTW! That officers job was to keep an eye out on the visitors (looking for gang members, wanted drug dealers, weapons)in line. In case you haven’t seen the news lately, people are killing cops for the hell of it.He was watching his partners back, because for some reason friends& family are often under the influence when the visit. Many times the get violent because they can’t follow the rules and are told to leave or for whatever they can’t visit because they are on probation for felonies. I think the most stupid visitor I ever witnesses had a warrants for murder, theft, possession of an illegal weapon, home invasion and gang activity. Remember he’s watching out for you too & generally watching a cameras aimed at the people outside in line. YOU SHOULD THANK HIM FOR RISKING HIS LIFE!

    • Smdh,yeah I’m very disappointed in how they handled me on the ph when I was simply calling to get my wife’s booking #, a lady answered the ph I told what I was trying to do, she said hold on and just plum hung up the ph, so I immediately called back a guy answered I told him what had just happened he whispers to the woman(like I’m deaf) and she has the audacity to say to him damn he really wants that #!! SO VERY VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Now I’ve been on BOTH SIDES and all that treating people mean convicts or visitors it counter productive. Sad!!! But mfs wanna holla bout cops lives and shit after the Dallas incident… continue to treat people (inside or out)fucked up

  36. That’s nigger jail.

  37. dem sanwiches and water is good but how bout sum hamhocks and beans on sunday. sure gittin old ever week

    • 😂 LoL

  38. Tryi ng to let jail know they have a very sick inmate. In jail no one answers phone it is all ways uncle has hiv and needs meds 2s a day.he’s been there since 8 6 13. his name is larry lynn lambright white male 54 1 13 59. He. gets coldd very easy so pls don’t let him get nmoinia he’s body can’t take it it will kill him. tks his nice nita dyson fell free to call me 931 292 0062


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