Dallas County Jail (Lew Sterrett Justice Center)

This page is dedicated to the Dallas County Jail also known as Lew Sterrett Justice Center in Dallas, Texas. Have you been here before? Tell us about it by clicking here.

Dallas County Jail AKA Lew SterrettThe Dallas County Jail houses inmates at North Tower, West Tower, and Kay’s Tower.

How Do You Locate An Inmate:

There are three ways to locate an inmate- online, in-person, or via telephone. To go online, click here; by phone call 214-761-9025; in person, visit the jail staff in the lobby at 111 W. Commerce St. , Dallas, TX 75208.

Where Is The Jail Located:

The Dallas County Jail (Lew Sterrett Justice Center) address is 111 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75208.

What Time Is The Jail Open:

The Dallas County Jail (Lew Sterrett Justice Center) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When Are Visiting Hours:

Make sure and read this paragraph clearly because visiting hours are very specific.

Be prepared to wait in several lines. Sometimes the wait may be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

No visitations on Wednesdays but Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday is 7:00PM-9:00PM for the approriate last names.

  • Visitors can go on Mondays and Thursdays (7:00PM-9:00PM), but ONLY if the person you are visiting has a last name that starts with A-L.
  • Visitors can go on Tuesdays and Fridays (7:00PM-9:00PM), but ONLY if the person you are visiting has a last name that starts with M-Z.
  • On Saturday and Sundays, any inmate can be visited between 8:00AM-2:00PM.

If you have kids (anyone under the age of 17), the only day they can visit is Saturday and Sunday. Keep in mind that only two (2) children are allowed to visit per adult.

Also, a person can only visit an inmate if they are listed on the inmate’s visitor card. The inmate can only change his or her visitor card one (1) time every 90 days.

Visitors are only allowed to visit two (2) times per week.

Defense Criminal Lawyer Best TexasWhat Do I Need To Visit An Inmate:

All visitors will be subject to search and you will have to go through a metal detector so use your common sense when going to visit an inmate.

You must be on the inmate’s visitor card. Valid photo identification is needed to visit. This includes state driver’s license, state identification card, or alien card. Remember you can only visit an inmate two (2) times per week.

How Do I Find Out If An Inmate Has A Bond:

You can check online by clicking here.

How Can I Give An Inmate at Dallas County Jail Money:

Dallas County Jail (Lew Sterrett) does not accept cash, checks, and money orders.  Money can be deposited in an inmate’s account by three ways–telephone, on-line, in-person at the kiosks located at the the Lew Sterret Justice Center (Dallas County Jail) 111 Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75208.  To deposit money by phone call 1-866-345-1884 or  by Internet go to www.inmatedeposits.com. You need a credit card to deposit money by phone or on-line.

What Mail Can I Send An Inmate:

You can only mail an inmate letters and cards. If you want to send them books, they must be soft-back books and must be sent firectly from a book publishing company.

To write letters address them as follows:

Inmate Name
Inmate Booking #
Inmate Location
PO BOX 660334
Dallas, Texas 75266-0334

Jail Tips:

The Dallas County Jail (Lew Sterrett) allows friends and family to send inmates Gift Packages. Packages can be ordered via phone by calling 1-800-546-6283 or by visiting www.dallascountypackages.com. Packages may only be paid for by using Mastercard, Visa, or Discover credit card. Only one package may be sent per week. Orders received before Thursday at 6:00 AM will be delivered that same week.

Also remember to bring cash to pay to park your vehicle. There is paid parking all-around.

What Is The Website:

You can visit the jail website by clicking here.

151 comments on “Dallas County Jail (Lew Sterrett Justice Center)
  1. PatsMom says:

    What inmates are housed on the second floor in North Tower?

  2. Kkmom123 says:

    I’d like to say that it is jail you get what you get. My husband is there and he is respectful to the guards and they respect him back. He tells me about how horrible the inmates are to the guards. They are doing their job and they have to deal with people acting like animals all day long. These people have family’s and their own things going on at home. The inmates do not make it easy on them. The women guards are verbally sexually harassed. And inmates complain about everything. It is jail do your time and learn some respect.

  3. Freddy Vorhees says:

    What papers do they give you when you leave.
    What I mean is, what Dallas papers are you holding on our way out the door?

  4. Donna Rentschler says:

    I do not think it should be this frustrating to find out how long my boyfriend will be in dallas county jail for a $1000 bond. I have called around, emailed, asked… Damn. Any one know?

  5. Jeanne says:

    How long to u have2wait til Wilmur pikz u up? I went to court yesterday and they say I have2turn my self in on Tue. But I was told that my time at Lee Sterret won’t evn count until I go to Wilmur, iz that true? Please I need t o know….

  6. melimda says:

    Has anybody ever been in restriction my bf is in lewlew he has been moved as of YESTURDAY to the north tower 2el6?wtf what is this restriction.????they are so rude and what?and where is he

  7. Agnes says:

    Obama built a luxury detention center in Karnes City, Texas solely for housing illegal aliens. Instead of taking care of our veterans and our elderly, our mentally ill inmates, Obama spends more than two million dollars for the convenience and comfort of illegal aliens. They get internet, flowers in the reception area, free telephone calls, food buffets, etc. This is YOUR tax money and MINE. On the other hand, EVERY WEEK, I protest to the governor of New York about the brutal, inhumane treatment of mentally ill 16 & 17 year old prisoners Cuomo keeps at Riker’s Island.

  8. w & w says:

    It’s not as bad as everyone making it out to be city jails are way worse than county jail trust me I was in both being in jail sucks for both inmate and family my husband now in prison spent more time in county jail than anything only bad thing happen is that one cell mate got ahold of his pin number on our calling card and used up the money I had on there for our calls did we do anything about no cause what good would it of done put him in jail hello he already in jail I just gonna let the more power judge handle it he will have to answer for it when he meets our maker so other than that guards where real nice to me as a inmate and a visitor the only one I think is hateful rude and heartless is the DA now that’s who we all need to be complaining about but then again he just doing his job right

  9. camron lacoss says:

    OK , to all those on here just saying, “well , learn to stay outta jail lol..I bet you just set your fate…you dummies, watch.. watch you stupid got nothing to do other than bitch lookin ass folks gunna end up in jail now that you have cursed yourselfs! !!

  10. Trina says:

    I miss Alex W.!!!

  11. Sad wife says:

    My hubby got put in there 2 days after we got married. Our lawyer says that he can get them out and freed of all case I was charged against him. Due to the fact that the victim told us the lawyer and the cops that her signature was forgery and that wasn’t even her statement. in that wasn’t even her statement.and told them he don’t do it when we told them they saided they will look in to it..that was a mth ago..he’s still lock up..I havnt had the heart to tell him I had a miscarriage…with all this bad news the baby gives him hope…when this is all over with We r moving out of Tx. Don’t feel safe with the cops here anymore…

  12. kitten says:

    I’m fixing to be in dallas county I’m worried how will I eat and I’m having very bad dack problems need surgery and a lot of pain

  13. JP says:

    What’s up with victimless crime, being incarcerated with criminals of a more serious nature?

    They have inmates with traffic violations…such as suspended license for no inspection, no registration, no insurance.

    Absolutely no history of drugs, alcohol or other more violent acts. If anything, they made bad financial choices…but somehow they go to jail with more hardened and stronger street smart criminals. Seems like a dangerous combination.

    How about segregate and provide counseling and rehab? Seems like this is a breeding ground for good people who are depressed to become angry people who resort to violence.

    • Breeze says:

      We are their cash cow they feed us slop and talk to us disrespectful but see you on the street and act like they haven’t never met you but my God he is gracious because I sit back and watch God punished them in his own way people get fired or on leave for aggressive force there is no protection in Lewstrict I wish I had the info to write whoever said our tax payers dollars going to that bullsh#$% system slow. They hold you to be petty when bonds are made they sit on there computer shopping or on the phone. Bringing their outside lives in with the inmates health care though they make sure you straight probably cause I wrote a kite ever other day the place needs to be closed so when that petition comes about somebody tell me.

  14. elida says:

    Does any body know how.much time they give for agravated robery for juveniles that do time at a juvenile detention center and get transfered to lew steret?

  15. anonymous says:

    That plaxe is disgusting and the guards are ghetto as hell. They fuck around with inmates and are all hoes. The food is so gross. Taste like slop. Break pads and monkey balls all the time. You only change out laundry once a week. This place was hell for me. I did 9 months before they even gave me my court date.

  16. Sylvia says:

    I miss my love of my life because he not be side me no more I wait to no when my babydaddy get out because I love him so much when angel come by his side that be me your angel baby I whis I see you one more time for give big kiss and big hug I will never eat because my babydaddy is not here be side me because when I eat I will star crying because he not here with me My Name Is Mrs.Carreno

  17. Sylvia says:

    I dont like how they did to my boyfriend because he did not give me hug are kiss he is my love of my life now I will not eat because he not here with me From:

  18. carebear says:

    I went and saw my bf in north tower yesterday place was f&*&^& nasty in someone poke him in the eye and the guards don’t do shit about it if they are scared of the inmates then they need to get a different job I hope he gets out soon like wtf can’t bring cell phone in some ppl ride the bus and really needs their phone in cause something happens

  19. Dayana says:

    My boyfriend is there, says the food is terrible , has a year and three months there, unfortunately we speak very little phone line; I can not visit why I’m in Mexico. Have about 700,000 bail bond equivalent are few years? Can someone help me with this data please, I really appreciate

  20. Daniel D. says:

    How can I find out if an inmate has been placed on administrative seg; do they tell you if you ask?

  21. Daniel D. says:

    With my experience on trying to get information from the guards about inmates they seem not tell

    • Breeze says:

      They don’t you have to go to dallasjaillookup.com and enter there info it’ll pop up they aswholes just don’t wanna do they Jon or they been moved or caught chain

  22. *~*TX*RAVEN*WOOD*~* says:

    my husband been in there for days now and he has a medical condition he has a herniated disc in his back and I am his primary caregiver and they will not tell me a damn thing I’m so worried about him his name’s arthur b baggerly is someone knows of anything or anyone I can contact please help me

  23. nelly says:

    Does any one know if i have a warrant can i go see someone in there without any problems ?

  24. Regina says:

    I don’t have a problem with the rules or the dress code. They problem is the guards are not consistant with following them. It seems like they pick and choose what they want to enforce for the day.

  25. Regina says:

    It is true they treat the civilians like they are criminals. I have never had any legal issues. Obviously most of these guards were bullied when they were younger. Now they have their little uniforms on and they can be a bully legally. It is a shame. Something needs to be done regarding this problem. I have worn the same shorts up there twice only to be told the second time I could not wear them by the same guard that was there the time before and he did not say a thing about them. If they are having a bad day they are rude to the visitors.

  26. KRG says:

    If I set up an account to put money on someone’s books and I have a warrant, will the police come to my house?

  27. SkylarMariethompson says:

    Okkk so it aint his fault that he had to beat up that security guard at the club. It was the security’s fault because he was hating on my baby’s father, all my boo wanted was for me to twerk on him. Is that so bad? Eitha way me and my baby had a good night besides all that, Ima bail him out soon as i get my child support check from that otha busted ass baby daddy. Free my boo Jequavian.

  28. anonymous says:

    How many days is it in LS for $6000?

  29. lo says:

    My son has been in there since April. Fell from top bunk and was taken to Parkland. X-ray showed Crack in neck. Labs showed uninary track infection. Complications have set in. He has still not been treated for infection. This is criminal. Texas Jail Project is trying to get this taken care of, but jail ignores them. VERY VERY concerned. I guess my next step is sales my cr and hie a lawyer

  30. Sabrina Washington says:

    Free my husband! Garreon Montrey Washington <3 I bonded him, just hurry and get him in court so he can come home and get pampered like the king he is!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Free my husband! ((Garreon Montrey Washington)) I already bonded my baby out just got to get him to court!

  32. It'sy says:

    My husband has a 1,000 bond but we cannot get a bail bind bc he failed to appear n still owes like 100 bucks..
    Can he pay 1,000 with time instead ?? Anyone knows??!!!!!

  33. Stay Prayed up says:

    I was in the Kay’s Tower for a month… Horrible… The 5B pod was like a daycare… Kids these days, very disrespectful… 20 year olds…I got tired of listenening to bond stories, what they came in for etc….commissary comes, everybody up..when you gotta clean,everybody sleeps… I’ve clean all up 4th floor,floors…. Nasty…guards messy….Special Shout out to Mrs Johnson and Ms.Bennett… They care!!!!

  34. Alicia says:

    What to do if you lost the debit card they issue?? Before I even activated it, I lost it. I’ve called and called and just get the run-around… Help!!!

  35. CoCo Wesley says:

    Do lew sterrett jail check to see if you have warrants before you visit inmate? If so what kind of warrants?

  36. c says:

    I went to visit my son only to be denied the visit with no explanation I had only drove 65 miles one way for nothing very disappointed,worried,concerned what the hell?

  37. miss my baby says:

    my baby is going here. im scard for her to go. her bail is only 100$ so i dont know how long shes going to be in there. can you please help. how long will she be in there for??

  38. Michele says:

    Was there and worst place to be terrible food, rude officers

  39. Frustrated George says:

    Who is the jail’s mandatory phone provider? I cannot find any link to make sure I pick the correct phone service. I know jail is not a fun experience, but why do the friends and family have to suffer through an ocean of ignorance to get their questions answered? Dallas, can you please have some sort of link or reference to your acceptable phone providers?

  40. Anonymous44 says:

    This place is horrible. Look at my reply to a comment above for a detailed portrayal. Wanted to comment once more.. that if any of you parents out there have a kid that you think needs to learn a bit of a lesson and not the one that if they get in trouble mommy or daddy will be right there to get them out of it? Let them spend a few days or a week in there telling them that you don’t have the money or that they need to learn a lesson. Basically let them feel what it’s like to go to jail having nobody there to help and that them themselves are the ones who got them into the mess and have to deal with the choices made. Let it sink in and then get them the heck out of there. It will do them a lot of good. They will be fine as long as they’re not in North tower and will get a lot out of the experience. But by no means to I wish any kind of extended stay or stay at all for anyone, not even my enemies. For some though the time will save them from screwing up worse in the future.

  41. Anonymous says:

    i have a grandson in this jail. he is only 19, considers himself a bad ass. he is about to find out how bad asses are delt with in dallas.

  42. eww says:

    Bad food…cold…filthy..rude guards….#myexperience

  43. janiack says:

    Sadly enough,
    I spent many years in and out of that jail and many others-I even spent 15 months in one 20 man tank housing 70 people.
    I don’t break the law anymore. I traveled all around the US with the feds and stayed in jails everywhere- they all suck.
    Some of the guards were nice and some weren’t but either way – they are just people with jobs. I sure wouldn’t want to have a health issue in there. Prayers to your loved ones- my son is in there now and I could bond him out with $50 but won’t. Maybe he’ll learn to obey the law

  44. jessica says:

    What r sum of the commisary prices also how much r care packages??I dnt have a clue lol but kno for sure ima stay down for my BD and he need socks underwear and shirts too.any cmnts would help plssss 🙂

  45. ashley says:

    They need to be careful on their calls because other inmates watch them and try to use their calls since they run out or whatever the case is ,my boyfriend was in court and I had gotten a call from he jail so I thought it was him and wen I accepted the call it turned out to be another guy using my bfs numbers but obviously I told him about it and they all denied it

  46. Jenni says:

    My husband was in the North Tower and finally got transferred to Kays Tower and made Trustee. He said that the North Tower was dangerous and ridiculous. The fire alarm went off during our visit because someone lit something on fire in his cell. If you have loved one in there, put as much money on their books as you can afford and go to the Dallas County Packages website. Pick some special things that you know they will like and send them a care package. There’s stuff on there that isn’t available to them in the jail. Get a routine down for visitation so you know when is the best time to go. Good luck to all of you, I pray a blanket of prayers over everyone in there. <3

  47. crimefree says:

    Never been to jail but this was funny lol. These post keep me focus and remind me not to ever go!!

  48. I survived says:

    Thx for having me LS. I appreciate you denying me my insulin for over 20 hours. Didn’t realize your opinion I didn’t need injection medication I brought to keep me alive overruled doctors orders.
    Oh, by the way guards in the tank, When you sleep during your shift inmates tend to notice and commit offenses accordingly. Might be wise to not use your “career” as a place to take a nap.

    Anyhow, my multiple injuries will heal you didn’t break me forever. 😛

  49. WTF says:

    Lewsterret is a F#$%^& up place to be for anyone…Just like everyone said Its very nasty unprofessional staff They dont give a damn about your loved ones needs nor must haves Its just a low down dirty SHAME Everyone need to get together and TELL IT TO TIM The news man And maybe finally something will get done about this place No it dont suppose to be a comfortable stay But you also dont suppose to go in for traffic tickets that you cant afford to pay etc..etc.. and come out with something you cant rid of cause the bitch is so nasty in there dumb ass…..

  50. anonymous1 says:


    • Uh yeah. says:

      That’s exactly what I was thinking reading all these. Maybe that’s a good thing people despise their stay. Makes you think twice before you break the law. Although I was just a visitor but Kays Tower seemed okay (For a Jail). No one was overly friendly but all were pleasant enough??
      Good Luck To All!

  51. Rosey Cruz (Broken-Hearted-Mother) says:

    My son has spent sixteen months here on the North tower 6th floor… It has been an awful experience to say the least. If you have a medical condition, make sure you have documentation from doctor to prove your medical condition, otherwise you will be denied needed medications. My son suffered alot without his medication. My prayer is that God’s message of hope and salvation reaches each and every inmate, and that God will shine His “light” in this very dark place. Amen! Galatians 5:1 Freedom~ Jesus Christ set us Free !!!

  52. nee says:

    I want to visit my husband but I have 2 traffic warrants will they arrest me if I go down there? nyone visit lately with warrants, whats the process?

  53. tisha says:

    That lewsterrett jail is very nasty, the people there are very unprofessional, its just a shame that building needs to be tore down ,at the end of the day we are still human beings!!!!!

  54. Emily says:

    I’m sorry but I’d rather be in Dallas County then these little city jails! Yea Lew Sterrett sucks. I’ve been there more times than I can count. The best thing to do is sleep all day and read their books at night. It makes the time go faster.

  55. o.c says:

    I hated dat place north tower i was in but tha tank i was in it was cool i got long wit blacks n hispanics dis couple months but dem guards dont care for inmates yea we fucked up in free world but we gon b sentence n it dont give dem right to fuck wit us dey need to do der job n give wat we ask for
    Fuck miss p and saenz n officer west their shift is something else jus bad cuttin tv off n givin us a hard time wen someone got sick im free as a bird an aint missing it i read bible n came out a better person we was there for reason now i value freedom so
    Much n thank god for keepin me positive while in there hope north tower inmates in 7 floor make it home soon

  56. Ana may says:

    The guards ain’t so smart, I’ve fooled them twice and got out

  57. Nikki says:

    My boyfriend is in there right now. I haven’t received a call since he was added to population making me worry my cell phone doesn’t accept collect calls.

    Are you not allowed to send pictures? It states only letters and postcards. I was hoping to send him photos to brighten his day. Anyone know the rules and restrictions on this? Thanks!

    • Diane Rodriguez says:

      Yes you can send pics nothing explicit though, he can only call to a land line, that accepts collect calls our you put money on your cell phone, 20$ just to start, google it

    • Anonymous says:

      You can but regular size nor bigger then 8×10

  58. benny sustaita says:

    Hey tha my picture they are using on this web page !!! Iv been a resident a the dallas county jail in the gay tanks all they do is hav sex and smoke weed n lots of drama and fights also relationships

    • Janet says:

      Hello, someone just told me that my fiancee’ is in the homosexual tank. I didn’t even kno there was one til now. Clld, was told to cll back tomorrow but, Im stressin so, can anyone tell me if 5-P-3 is in fact a homosexual tank?

    • Breeze says:

      @Janet check to see if he is on the west side of the jail west tower has a gay tank and they also fu*($ up a lot so don’t panic it could be a error especially if he was intoxicated when he went in

  59. Korynn Forge says:

    Hello i am Korynn Forge I have been here before. Lew Sterrett is horrible and the people who work there are EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL! Alot of them look low very low class. And the way they talk to people in there is absolutely crazy! I am going to form an organization against this type of treatment! Lew Sterrett needs more educated, and compassionate people working there to do this type of business. Even the police officers there are EXTREMELY LOW CLASS Citizens. I would not say it if it were not TRUE. I recently wrote a letter to the Director there and she responded in a very uncaring manner. Her name was Dianna Cliate. She was very rude and inhumane i laughed at her in her ignorance lol. Ridiculous! I have no respect for the type of people that work there.

    • Pam says:

      I agree with u I been there a few time I know what u r talking about am fighting a case now I need help on it buy I know god is good u can call me text first so I can know that u

  60. AJ says:

    I was recently an inmate here at the the LSJC. I had never been to jail before and this was a bad enough experience to convince me that I never want to go back to any jail. I was arrested at around 10PM on a monday, booked into the jail at 11PM and was lead to the waiting room you sit in while you await to see the arraignment magistrate. They seem to have the AC on full blast 24/7 so if you didnt come in with a sweater on (i.e. in the middle of summer) you can guarantee you will be freezing. You are permitted to sit in cold, hard plastic seats with your feet on the ground for hours waiting for your turn to see the magistrate. they call you into the courtroom in groups of about 16 every 3 hours or so. I finally got to see my magistrate at around 7AM. You are ushered into a courtroom where your charges are read to you in front of everyone else and your bail amount is set. You are asked if youre a US citizen and if you will be needing an attorney. Thats it. They call it an arraignment but you are never allowed to enter your plea. Afterwards youre ushered out for mugshots and fingerprinting and given the opportunity to pay your bail in full (which most of the time you cant because most banks place a restriction on how much you can withdraw which is always less than what your bail is) and then its off to the holding tanks. I waited in one holding tank for about 2-3 hours before my TB test was administered and my personal belongings were finally removed from me (cell phones are confiscated at the time of booking and you are not allowed to see them again-so if you werent smart enough to grab phone numbers from your contact book youre screwed. Then its off to dress out. Youre ushered into a shower room where you are split into individual stalls and ordered to strip and are given your very attractive striped outfit and shower shoes. For me they ran out of socks so i didnt get any and had to suffer very cold feet for 3 days until laundry came around and I could get a pair. After you dress out youre given your wool blanket and towel in a mesh bag and ushered into yet another holding tank (by this time it was approximately 12 pm–any sense of time at this point was pretty nonexistent) to await cell assignment. it took them about another 3 hours to figure that out for me…but before that they pull you aside for an intimate interview and ask you if youve ever been a victim of a sex crime…do you think you will be raped and if youre a homosexual. I am gay so I did say yes and was asked if I preferred to be assigned to homosexual housing (colloquially name the “gay tank” by the inmates) or if I wanted to stay in General Population. I elected to be assigned to the “gay tank”. At this point I was then given my wristband (which I had to show more time than I could count). I was taken to the west tower where I was given my mattress pad, silicon cup, plastic spoon and roll of toilet paper and was escorted to my tank. Apparently there are 2 types of tanks: 8-man and 24-man. I was placed in a 24-man which consisted of a common area, the toilet/shower area (whats privacy?) and then there were the actual cells…8 men to a cell on 4 bunk beds. Finally…16 hours after I was booked into the jail I was in my cell. The next 4 days were equally as unpleasant. The meals were food that taste like the cardboard box they came in and they never arrived at the time they were supposed to (430 AM for breakfast, 11AM for lunch and 430PM for dinner). The air conditioning was blasted 24/7 so at night it got very cold, especially when lockdown happened from 12A-430A. I heard about fights on a daily basis and because of this I decided to pass up the opportunity to be escorted to the recreation area. The detention officers were careless people who we extremely unconcerned for the welfare of the inmates. I would observe that it would take hours for them to respond to any requests that an inmate would have. 4 days after I was booked, a friend of mine posted my bail and it took 6 hours for them to inform me that I was bonded out and to pack my things. I gathered up my things and was taken back to where I surrendered my belongings and placed in yet another holding tank that smelled very strongly of body odor and unshowered people. you were called out one by one and given your clothes back and allowed to change into them and then it was back into the holding tank. we were then taken out in a group of about 12 people and given back our personal belongings one by one but we werent allowed to open the bags that held our stuff. We were ushered into another line where we then were crowded into one of the elevators down to the first floor. We formed one more line before the last door opened….the door to freedom. All in all those 4 days I spent in The LSJC were 4 days I would never wish upon anyone. Ive read so many horrible things about this jail since I have been out and personally saw most of what people complained about.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the information. Alway good to hear what it is like inside.

    • lmj says:

      I took EVERY step you just posted. I went in around 10p on a Monday also…I NEVER wanna see that place again!

    • Anonymous44 says:

      You are very accurate in your description. Once you arrive the wait to get on the the next point of being dressed out takes appsalutely forever. Some people say it’s taken 18-20 hours and all this time you are sitting in a cold as hell room with annoying people all around you, guards who do not care for anybody who is not one of their own nor even treat you like a regular person. (When I was in city jail before this I was told I had stayed in that jail the longest but was one of the nicest people they’ve had come through in some time. Once I got to Dallas no matter what I was disrespected over and over and over by those a**h****.) And all you have are 2 20 year old tvs (“when I was sitting there for 13 hours when I had already been arraigned at city jail”) there was an hour through the night where on the men’s side they had a bra infomercial playing. The food is appsalutely horific.. and they do not even provide you with enough of the nearly inedible food to go to the bathroom regularly. (I couldn’t go but every 3 or so days). If your withdrawing from drugs they place you in west tower with the mentally ill inmates and I’m telling you some of them are freaking nuts. And the pods are as disgusting as the holding cells mentioned above. While in these pods the other side of the hall the actual cells probably 15-20 ft away are nothing but people on 23 hour lockdown. Basically solitary confinement. I’ve never gotten to see this in person before then but just WOW does that raise a whole other topic on its own and really helped me to understand just what torture solitary is. Once I was I got moved from west to Keys (the new) tower. Things weren’t so bad considering have been in west tower. They have flat screen tvs an ice maker and microwave. I guess to nuke the horrendous food unless you have romen to heat up. All things considered Lou Sterrett was by far the worst jail or experience I’ve even been through. Was in Dallas for 6 days and i would take the month i spent at neighboring Tarrant county any day. That place is just down right disgusting and your treated like scum on the bottom of the man’s shoe. People do whatever ever you can to make sure you never have to go through this hell and any other jail for that matter. You do not have to to have an appreciation for a good noble and honest life.

  61. Jennifer says:

    Worst effing place ever!!!! What everbody else says about this place is true. The guards for the most part treat you like crap! The food…if you even want to call it that it absolute crap! Id never wish this place on my worst enemy

  62. Erica says:

    Worst nastiest restrooms for visitors!! And the most rude ass female officers that are at the door when u go visit an inmate!! Damb jail needs to be burned down for good!!

  63. chela says:

    Nasty bathrooms for the visitors. I HAVE met some nice guards. I hope they are treating my son and other inmates well. I had an issue with a guard and I reported it to internal affairs. Some people need guidance to get their lives straightened out. I pray that our loved ones get the help they need.

    • Rosa Get-Right says:

      After reading your post I’m truly hoping you are talking about the folks locked up and not the staff. There are bad apples in every barrel, but it’s beyond me why people were rose colored glasses. PEOPLE.. ITS NOT THE STAFF THAT ARE BAD ONES. THEY ARE NOT THE ONES THAT PUT YOUR LOVE ONES IN JAIL. LETS PUT THE BLAME WHERE ITS DUE. DON’T BREAK THE LAW AND YOU WON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE STAFF- ITS REALLY THAT SIMPLE!

  64. Felicia says:

    My bf in the new building and i thank god each and everyday for watchin over him not only that at least he know somebody in there he cool with hopefully he get out cause im lonely without him all i do is send him letters and put some more money on his books and just love hearing his voice and go on visitation knowing that hes okay

  65. Tammy says:

    Its horrible. My son was having a gall bladder attack which we know is so dangerous and extremely painful. This lasted about a week and he kept filling out those request thingys and NOTHING! I could do nothing but sit home and cry. Some of the folks there are rough people but there are a lot there that are good people but they just made a mistake. Those guards could get so much more out of the inmates if they would show they really cared and wanted to help them. I have met a prison guard that swears by this. He says he works with a bunch of guards and they all try to show respect and care and its amazing the difference. I guess some just let the power go to their heads and/or just dont care. I pray my son is in an area where he has a few caring guards. Thats our only hope is to pray this. Treat them like animals and they will act like animals. If anyone knows of anything to do I will be on board. Other than that just pray!

    • Rosa Get-Right says:

      You are so completely right. What you give is what you get back. There are a few wonderful nurses and guards in every tower, and some with big heads too. More than half the inmates think they are entitled to services no matter what, and think the rules don’t apply to them. I’m sorry your going through a rough time. I pray you get your family member the proper help they need.

    • Anon says:

      I was arrested 8 years ago for trespassing . i spent 4 months in jail pregnant. I had hypormisis i was only taken to a doctor to prove i was pregnant. I told the arresting officer id been invited and had three witnesses to the fact id be renting the extra room.the officer called me a liar. I have epilepsy, asthma, type 1 diabetesand,and im supposed to wair hearing aids but the officer nocked them out when i went to seizing.this was due to the stress of being woken at 3 am, yelled at, the car lights, and being told i was going to jail. meaning i would lose the 2 part time jobs, one at McDonald’s the other taco bell i was supposed to start that morning. He said i was trying to hit him. sorry but those People here saying everyone in there are criminals and deserve the bad treatment are the ones who sound ignorant to me.

  66. ashley88 says:

    the worst place ever the guards are so freaking rude they dont give a damn is freezing cold and they don’t care to give you a cover is just not a place to be my heart goes out to people in that place…..

    • Rosa Get-Right says:

      Let’s see – I think we should start a petition for 3 large 4 corse meals a day along with a couple of snacks for the folks who stay hungry, a spacious room with a luxury bed. Mani- pedi and hair done twice a week, a pool and spa just in case inmates get stressed. ( lord forbid the guards don’t get stressed) shopping once a week…. Everything to make life wonderful and peachy while you await your trail. ARE YOU FLIPPING KIDDING ME! Why do think you are SOOO uncomfortable? ( come on now think real hard) maybe it because they don’t want you to stay? Hard working citizens that obey the law pay for your crappy scrap blanket and crappy food. Your damn lucky you get that. So sit down shut up and say thank you cause at the end of the day you had shelter (your welcome by the way) – rant over.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said! All these people whining sound so ignorant. Don’t like jail? THEN QUIT BREAKING THE LAW! I’m 28 years old and have NEVER been arrested for anything. And trust me, I’ve been through it all. There’s no excuse!

  67. Ashleigh says:

    I simply want my baby out…. And everyday hes gone. It breaks my heart. And the uncertanty of not knowing when I’ll ever see him again is the worst…

    How long is a sentance with a $2,000 bond and years of federal history before hes realeased?

    • Melissa C says:

      I know how you feel, my boyfriend is in there too. He is supposed to be released today but their system is down.

      But to answer your question (kindof) my boyfriend has a bond of $25,000 and he sat in there for about 2 1/2 months before he was released on a PR bond.
      Get him a good attorney who can sign him out on an attorney bond or find a bailbonds company. You will have to pay 10% so if his bond is $2000 then you pay $200 & he’s free in 3-4 hours. Sometimes it can take longer. Check out Mavericks Bail Bonds, they’re really cool & provide quick release. Hope that helped.

    • Anonymous says:

      My boyfrind has a bond of 25,000 too. So that means hes guna be in there for a while??? 🙁

    • Casper says:

      my man has 50,000 bond and a hold on it.

    • Victoria says:

      My Guy has One $100,000 bond & Two *No Bond* Charges. 🙁

    • Melissa B says:

      Omg My Baby Is Gona Be There For Awhile Then He Gets Transferred To Tarrant County :/ iMiss Him Sooooo Much </3

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you know when they are transfered….also want to write him how do I do that. My bf got picked up in dallas on a tarrant co warrant

    • Casper says:

      when they transfer him they will send you a post card to pick up him clothes.I just keep checking the web site to see if his name and picture pop up i know hes in there.

    • Anonymous says:

      My lil bro has three counts. $100,000 each. How long until he can get a bond reduction. Anybody?

    • Casper says:

      I think when he plea bargans with his attorney and the prosicuting attorney . they go back and forth offering him a lesser charge to get some time served and get the best deal they offer him.You should write him and ask him to write his layer and ask for a bail reduction. it cant hurt.

    • Anonymous says:

      Get a new boyfriend!!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      My boy got 200000 how long is that worth

    • Sylvia says:

      I miss my ricky lee carreno with all my soul I did not like cops at Downtown,Dallas because how they did to my love of my life how he cry for Sylvia Lynn Carreno I wait her back now it dont feel some with out my Ricky Lee Carreno From Mrs.Carreno

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my god, you sound so ignorant.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi I’m Marvin runnels remember me when I was lock up on a certain day inmate ,who was supose to get out but instead took to parkland hospitial emg.yall let me out so I wouldent talk huh ,yea I’m well naw my layar name was sospose to b scootie allen huh.?R u listen mr. Robbins white boy don’t quit remember me huh thoght it was joke when u put me n dat old shoole eletrict chair huh ?

  68. Concerned GF says:

    I’m going to visit my boyfriend tomorrow, and I am so nervous. It breaks my heart to know how horrible this place is. Now, I’m even more concerned, especially because he does not deserve this. He told me the food was bad, and he couldn’t sleep. 🙁

    I really hope nothing bad happens to my boyfriend because the guards don’t care. If they dont like their job, they need a NEW ONE DAMMIT!

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree with you going thru the same

    • Anonymous says:

      Well my son has arrived there this morning from state jail im so worried i hear alot of bad things about that place i pray my son gets time serve after almost 2 yrs in state jail

    • Rosa Get-Right says:

      If your boyfriend’s in jail I’m quite sure it’s not for helping an old lady across the street. If you have any self worth – you would run far way and find yourself someone that don’t break the law and drag you down too. You deserve much better than that . Do I know him? No – glad I don’t ! But I’ve read enough to know he can’t get his act together. Btw – those guards risk their lives daily to keep scum in line. Like it or not. We all have choices at the end of the day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Rosa – do you really think everything is so black and white, wrong and right? Is it justice for an addict to spend years locked up on drug charges? Have you ever tried to imagine what someone else’s life might be like? There are so many inmates doing time for victimless crimes. Not bad people. Some are good honest caring people who would and have given others the shirt off their back. And unless you’ve ever spent any time in jail, you don’t know the first thing about what the guards are really like. If you knew how it really is and what the guards are really like, it would crack the foundation of that pristine ivory tower upon which you sit and judge and bring you down here with the rest of us common folk, or as you so eloquently put it – scum. Rosa – please do get right because everything you think you know – is wrong.

  69. Sid Truman says:

    Starting July 19, 2013 you can not visit inmates if you come in wearing flip flops or any open toed shoe. Shorts must be past the knees.

  70. Cat says:

    My son is in the North tower 6th floor he tells me there are fights all the time and the guards do nothing about it they let them slug it out. There might be some hell raisin if someone really got hurt bad or killed. There needs to be something done about the guards not giving a damn. Before something bad happens to someone’s friend or Family member.

    • Really? says:

      They only way to make this known is to contact the News Media. If the public is aware, then perhaps they will do a better job maintaining control there.

    • Anonymous says:

      I no

    • Casper says:

      just last summer a man had a heat stroke and died in there. But you dont hear that on the news.

    • Rosa Get-Right says:

      I wouldn’t believe rumors. Unless you were personally in that tank, then how would you know? Is it possible an imate said these things to get attention? Something to think about . Besides if folks wouldn’t break the law they wouldn’t be in jail in the first place. We all have choices at the end of the day.

    • Anonymous says:

      My fiance was in Kays last week and was jumped bc he wouldnt beat someone else up. Someone should compile a list to take to the proper authorities. They let this savage beat on him even after he was unconscious…

    • Casper says:

      thats bad. i hope nothing happens to my man. i think it helps to visit them so the gaurds know someone out here cares and will notice if hes all beat up. letters brighten there day too.

    • Casper says:

      naaa you fight your out of there and put in single cell. all alone with your own toilet shower bed and you sleep or ya write, the book cart comes around and commisarry

    • Anonymous says:

      Is inmates able to have a cell phone in there .

    • Anonymous says:

      Totally agree….

  71. teara l says:

    Never been there but my bdaddy has to do 30days and i sit at home wonder ing what hes doing what time he has to b sleep and etc…..

    • Casper says:

      well i guess he eats when they feed him he sleeps when hes tired and he has to stay out of trouble cause in the dorms its steps and a row of bunk beds more steps more bunk beds.he can talk to people and watch tv but he can pick the channel. they left cartoons on all day and night . i didnt even watch them. they were annoying

    • Carolyn says:

      That’s for Real!

  72. Courtney says:

    Worst place ever uugghh

    • Anonymous says:

      They even treat the visitors like crap they need to do something about that

    • Casper says:

      yep they think they got to boss everyone around

    • A love one says:

      I so agree… They are nothing but smart asses or rude asses. I mean damn if you don’t like your job get another one.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’re going to a place because people didn’t follow the law how do you want them to be really treated. They shouldn’t be there in the first place

    • Sally Sue says:

      Yes, they do and they treat us like we committed the crime. Texas has an injustice system.

    • Casper says:

      jail is not for any one. i think there are worse jails out there then this one. i think they should get maditory counciling to help them not go back to jail. rehab for addicts job placement and housing if they have no where to live.get them back on their feet dont though them back into the streets with nothing. how ya going ta get a job with no phone or place to shower no money to get to the job by bus – train. please people they need help maybe even mental help. homeless shelters are likejail. you wake up get ready they kick you all out by 7 am if you haVE SOMEW WHERE TO GO OR NOT. SOME TIMES THEY HAND OUT BUS PASSES YOU GOT TO GET A JOB ALL SWEATTY LOOKING AND BE BACK AT THE SHELTER BY 8PM. WHAT IF THE JOB IS LATER THEN THAT? I’m talking about the dallas city shelters. Some shelters have dental and medical of some sort. Child care while your at work. after school programs. But that one is for mothers with kids only and its in Houston. Plus they try to get you and APT or a house for low income people but if you have a feloney for get it.

    • Sally Sue says:


    • Tony y says:

      You can put money on someone’s books at ace check cashing

  73. Bill says:

    I agree with Steve A. It is a horrible place to be. It’s almost impossible to sleep at night and the food is disgusting. If you ever think you might be arrested in Dallas County, make sure you have at least $100 on you to put into your commissary account so you can buy decent snacks to eat while you are awaiting your bonding out. And, the pods are unbelievably nasty. Make sure you wear your jail provided shower shoes when taking a shower–it’s easier to do that than to have to first spray down the shower area with disinfectant. Also, before you lie down on your assigned bunk, wipe it down completely with the disinfectant, even spraying it on the sheets and allowing enough time for the stuff to dry.

  74. Steve A. says:

    Terrible place to be. Was here forever and food was worst ever.

    • oscar avila says:

      Hello;I am Oscar Avila. I want to know my best friend name is Oscar Maldonado booking 13070547.. I say. I want dismissed him?

    • B.i.B Duncan says:

      My crews daddy in there he aint complaining about it, yea he ready to get out but complaining aint gone getcha nowhere. He does try 2 make sure he has $$ for commissary [so im guessing tha food ain too wassup] lol and $$ on his acct to call. anyways cant do too much of nothin but pray…. #FreeBobbyD

    • Casper says:

      yea I keep tryin ta get a ride to put money on my friends books. noone else does it . Help I need a ride

    • Anonymous says:

      I have ride 469——-

    • Casper says:

      The meat tastes all the same just made into differant shapes. How about the jello soup? Whats up with giving everyone all that bread?My soap was inside my drinking cup when i unpacked. I washed it all out but it still tated like soap. Why do you have to make your bed ?I was told to and I took and folded all the sheets and blanket up and stacked them. A gaurd dissided she didnt like me and threatened to put me in single cell. she thought i was knocking on the glass to be let in from the basket ball courts. it was the girl behind me. I stood at the gaurds desk and didnt say a word. then when i was bailed out and came out the doors she was talking to the hall way gaurds behind the desk. and i stood still and quiet and she said what is she doing out here. real mean. I said im bailed out and they all rush to the fax to see if i was. i cried when they said my name and pack up.i was so happy to get out of there.i had no problems with the inmates i kept to myself. even though i was hurt with road rash on my leg and could hardly walk up steps it was bleeding though my jumper. the girls asked and i showed them. I took a walk around the dorm a few times with the others. I wasnt sure i was getting out.Turns out the bail bonds had computer trouble i should of been out in the morning but the fax didnt get there till dinner time.Then i was out on paper for a long time over a year every week checking in. id ask if my case had been delt with hed look and say no. then I asked it had been well over 1 year and he looked it up and found me as no bill. then he had to get me out of the system of their computers whats a few more days. isnt it there job to stay on top of who got sentenced and when your free off bail?gees

    • Ethel says:

      Wow… all these comments sound so sad! BUT.. did you ever think about the pain inflicted on the victims? I hear nothing about that. Sometimes we have to pay for what we do. No one in here is not an adult… Not old enough to know better. I personally have no sympathy!


    • Sally Sue says:

      The victims can lie on stand and put on a great show. I advocated for a retarded person earlier this week and his lawyer didn’t act concerned and did little objections. I’m not an attorney, but felt I could do a better job. This was a court appointed attorney and ALL they want to do is get the case passed. My young man is a follower and not a leader and the other person got off scott free while my young retard man was sentenced. Please tell me how this young man can make it through the system at Huntsville without being raped, beat, threatened. Texas law is an injustice to some prisoners. We are the only largest state that murderers and prisoners can be innocent and still get lethal injections. So Ethel, please tell me what justice is being done for mentally retarded and innocent prisoners. Yes, I do feel sorry for victims and there is no justification, but both sides need to be looked and seriously investigated.

    • Anonymous says:

      shut the f– up if they got pulled over for tickets should they sit in Lewlew

    • Joe says:

      Why do they give a shot during booking process? Is this mandatory? What is the shot? Are they secretly infecting people with something?

    • peeved says:

      so you r complaining about the food…why get there is the first place…your lucky you get food and commisary but your complaing bc you got yourself locked in jail…makes total since

    • Faye says:

      All of these exact same bad things were said about, “Dawson State Jail”, where I was an officer there, but, I loved my job at, “Dawson”, and I consider myself as having been a good, and caring, officer, I was well respected there by both staff, and inmates, there are good officers, and there are the bad. Do they not have, Hall Porters, at, “Lew Sterrett”, to keep the restrooms clean when needed? As far as the food, most the time it looked pretty good to me, especially, on Mexican food day!! 🙂

    • Anybody says:

      So my husband calls me everyday. .even if I don’t have the money for the call he still calls.. but the past 2 days he hasn’t called ….I had set up a video vist and they didn’t bring him 🙁 so… now I’m worried idk if he okay or what can be happening

    • Carolyn says:

      Cold cuts every day
      Stayed in jail for two weeks by the grace of God I’m not going BACK!

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