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Bandera County Jail in Bandera, Texas

This page is dedicated to the Bandera County Jail located in Bandera, Texas

Jail Information

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The Bandera County Jail in Bandera, Texas

How do you locate an inmate?

To locate a loved one or friend at the Bandera County Jail, call the Sherrif’s Office at 830-796-7759

Where is the Bandera County Jail Located?

The address for the jail is 3360 TX-173, Bandera, TX 78003

When are visiting hours for inmates at the Bandera County Jail?

Female: wed/sat 1:00PM-3:00PM

Male: Wed-Sat 3:00PM-6:00pm

What do I need to visit an inmate?

You will need a government issued Identification.

How can I give an inmate at Bandera County Jail money?

If you have a loved one or friend in the Bandera County jail and wish to send them funds for the commissary at the jail, you can do so online here  You will have to first register a new account and then you will be able to send money, packages or email.

How can I send mail to an inmate at Atascosa County Jail?

To send mail to your loved one at the jail it is important that you address the envelopes correctly.

Inmates Full Name

3360 State Hwy. 173 North
P.O. Box 607
Bandera, Texas 78003

What is the website? While there is not much of a website at all for accessing information, the very slight Sherrif’s Office page is click here


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