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Angelina County Jail in Lufkin, Texas

This page is dedicated to the Angelina County Jail in Lufkin, Texas

Jail Information

Angelina County Jail in Lufkin Texas

The Angelina County Jail

How do you locate an inmate?

To locate a loved one or friend at the Angelina County Jail, call the Sherrif’s Office at 936-634-3332. You can also use the online jail roster to search for a loved one. To use the online roster click here.

Where is the Angelina County Jail Located?

The address for the jail is 2311 E Lufkin Ave, Lufkin, TX 75901

When are visiting hours for inmates at the Angelina County Jail?

Visitation Schedule: Wednesday                   Thursday                       Sunday

  Male       2:00PM-5:30PM          7:00PM-10:00PM        8:00AM-11:00AM

  Female   12:30PM-2:00PM        6:00pm-7:00PM          1:00PM-2:30PM

What do I need to visit an inmate?

  • Each visitor must produce a positive state-issued identification. Picture type ID is preferred: However, any verifiable ID such as social security card, birth certificate or other forms of ID as approved by the Jail Administrator is acceptable.

How can I give an inmate at Angelina County Jail money?

You have a few options for sending friends and family money to buy cookies. The Angelina County Sherrif provides access to a commissary program where an inmate has the option to use the money to purchase candy and snacks, stationary materials, and hygiene items, but mostly just cookies and candy. To send your loved one some snack money:


How Deposit Money Website Works: 1) Go to website. 2) Choose “Click Here to Make A Deposit” 3) Click on “Start Deposit” 4) Select County Jail and click “Okay” 5) Select the first letter of the inmates last name 6) Select Inmate 7) Enter Information

Phone Deposits: 1-855-836-3364

How can I send mail to an inmate at Angelina County Jail?

Must provide the full name and return address. Address the letter to:

Inmate’s Full Name

Angelina County Jail
P.O. Box 114
Lufkin, TX, 75902-0114

What is the website? click here


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